Before You Say I Do by Clare Lydon

This is without a doubt Clare Lydon best novel! Outstanding!

What was the book about?
Professional Bridesmaid Jordan has got a great life, and She helps woman get married without fear or worry. She steps in as the main bridesmaid to make sure that the bride in question makes it to the ‘I Do’ with a happy, relaxed smile on her face. And she is excellent at her job.

That was until her latest bride, Abby. She has never had feelings for any of the brides she’s worked with, but Abby is an entirely different story. She just needs to get through the next few weeks, get Abby to the alter and move on. Easy, right?

And Abby? She is questioning everything about her life and her future with the man she thought she was supposed to ride off into the sunset with. Why can’t she get Jordan out of her head? She has never felt this connection to any human before. But she made a promise to the beautiful and kind man she is going to marry. This must be just cold feet, right? 

Featured Tropes
weddings, forbidden love, Toaster oven

Book Strengths
Well, that was a phenomenal read. And intense… so bloody intense. I was on the edge of my seat for the last 30%. Who needs sleep when Clare Lydon is writing lesbian fiction.

I absolutely adore this book in every way possible. It was magical, and I was utterly sucked in. Jordan and Abby’s love story surpassed all my expectations. I don’t want to tell you too much because honestly, it is going to ruin the ride. 

Also, Abby and her mum, Gloria, are from Glasgow. Scotland (My hometown) and I could almost taste the Irn Bru and Tunnocks tea cakes when Jordan organised them for the hen do. Yum! And don’t get me started on my now longing for a square sausage for breakfast.

The secondary characters in the book were amazing, and the book would not have been the same without them, especially Gloria and Delta. In fact, if Clare could write us a story about Delta, I would so be on board for that. SO ON BOARD!!!

💥 The chemistry was fantastic, almost palpable but what really put the flame under the underlying chemistry was the sexual tension because oh my it was sexy!!!! Abby and Jordan lit up the proverbial sheets and then set them alight. The sexual tension was radiating off this reader as much as the character! #holyhotnessbatman

Heating Rating:
4 Flames

Wrap up
I imagine like after Clare Lydon wrote ‘The End’ she stood up and actioned a mic drop! Phenomenal book and her best to date.

Star Rating:
5 Stars

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