Pursuit by Jackie D

The rollercoaster continues into love and danger

What was the book about?
This is the second book of three in the After Dark Series. You need to read the first book Infiltration first

Ok so you have read Infiltration and want more of these amazing characters. Tyler and Brooke haven’t been together very long and although they foiled the craziness of Michael Thompson there is so much more to this conspiracy and they need to bring it to its end. In the midst of the quest to find the homegrown terrorists there is a smouldering romance coupled with intense danger that drives the story and involves all the characters from the first book. 

Featured Tropes:
Intrigue & Thriller, Romance, Women kicking arse! 

Book Strengths:
Nothing in this second installment is less than the first book. The characters are vivid as are the settings in which it takes place. The strong relationship between Tyler and Brooke is believable as are the burgeoning ones. Jennifer Glass, although a secondary character in the first book, comes into her own in this book. That coupled with Caden Styles makes for a very entertaining and intriguing read. 

Character Chemistry:
Of course, Tyler and Brooke are off the charts when it comes to chemistry. Hot! Since we get to know more about Jennifer and Cayden in this book it was great to see how they all interacted with each other. Each woman had a strong role to play in the novel and not one was left behind.

Heat Rating:

Wrap up:
What’s not to like about women kicking arse! As soon as you pick up the book and start you know you are in for an action packed, hot and intriguing adventure. Again, make sure you read #1 in the After Dark Series: Infiltration otherwise you might get a little lost.

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