The Club by A.L. Brooks

Hot, did I say HOT???

What was the book about?
This is a book where both the reader and the characters leave their inhibitions behind as soon as the page is turned, and the door is opened. 

There are several stories that are weaved throughout the book of women who are in need of various distractions, fantasies and relief. Will one night of sex and fantasy be enough or will their lives be changed forever.

Mandy is the owner of the club and the reader is taken back in time to reveal why the club exists and how it operates. We see her from 1993 until the present. The other main characters in the story go through their own life changing events as a direct result of going to The Club. 

Featured Tropes

Book Strengths:
Each woman’s story is crafted so well that you feel for the characters. They are flawed, loved, happy and sad. The raw emotion shows through. For those who remember the club scene from the 1990s, they will no doubt understand the reasons and evolution for Mandy to finally create a club for women. 

Character Chemistry:
The chemistry is of the charts! 

Heat Rating:

Wrap up:
This is no “run of the mill” erotic novel. The characters are full of life and emotion. The individual characters and their stories will entrance you and draw you in and wanting more. I thoroughly recommend this book. I wish there was a follow up to see where they were now, especially Mandy.

Star Rating:

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