Backwards to Oregon by Jae

Why haven’t I read this book before? I need more.  

What was the book about?
Luke Hamilton has been living as a man since she was twelve years old. She is more comfortable in this skin and as long as she keeps people at arm’s length her secret will be secure. 

She has finally left the army and is going to make her way to Oregon to start her new life as an Appaloosa farmer. When one of her army comrade’s pays for a night with a prostitute she shuns the woman as she’s scared of her identity coming out.

When she bumps into the woman, Nora again and this time with her young daughter, Luke starts to think it might be time to adjust her plan of a solo trip to Oregon. She proposes to Nora and is surprised when she accepts.

Together and married, they set off with a Wagon Train to Oregon but they hit many bumps along the way! 

Featured Tropes
Western, Historical, Single mom, Sex-worker & Toaster- oven

Book Strengths
I am not a fan of historical romances normally but Backwards to Oregan was our book for March book Club and honestly, this book wrecked me. What a beautiful story and carefully depicted description of the 1850s in the united states. This book is one hundred per cent a slow burn and possibly slower than the normal but it’s worth every second of your time. 

Is there anyone more perfect than Luke Hamilton? That’s the question you will be asking yourself over and over again after you finish this book. She is deliciously butch in her male persona while keeping her loving, brave and kind attributes. I respected Nora so much for her life choices prior to meeting Luke to the ones she makes throughout their time together. 

The chemistry between Nora and Luke isn’t there in the very beginning but they build on what is an obvious attraction. But by the end, you will learn they have quite the spark. 

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Wrap up
Fantastic novel. I was left utterly stunned by how much I enjoyed it. I can’t wait to start the sequel, Hidden Truths. 

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