Practice Makes Perfect by Carsen Taite

I do love the start of a new series!

What was the book about?
Best friends Abby, Campbell and Grace are starting a new venture and opening their boutique Law firm. Campbell brings in the first big client, a start-up tech company who aren’t getting on with their current legal team.

To win this big client, Campbell needs to work alongside the client’s old firm to show her capability, but she is facing off against Wynne, an old college acquaintance who she is shockingly attracted too.

Can she win the client before falling for the competition?  

Featured Tropes
Lawyer/legal, slow-burn, enemies to lovers

Book Strengths
As with many books that begin a series with a group of friends where each friend will be the main protagonist in one of the books, there is some prep work to do. And this book preps the reader for the friendship of Campbell, Abby and Grace and sets the scene of their new legal firm.

This book is a very slow burn, but when it hits the accelerator, the romance is off and in fine form. I loved Campbell and can’t wait to get more of her in the other books in the series. The romance between Campbell and Wynne is fraught with heaps of reasons they shouldn’t be together from assumptions from when they attended the same college to working to win over the same client for their respective firms. But when they do finally make a move it was worth the wait. And I was crushing hard on Campbell by the end, swoon.  

Watching Wynne lower her guard made for good reading and she was the one holding back the most so when she finally let’s go, it was almost triumphant. 

Also, how sexy are those legs on the cover?

Book weaknesses
Honestly, one of the strengths is also a weakness in this book. Setting the scene of the law firm and the friendship between the three leading ladies ate into some of the romance, and that was the main reason I showed up. This girl is here for the feels. I still can’t get Pursuit of Happiness‘out of my head months later and was hoping for the same buzz. 

Campbell and Wynne are attracted to each other from their first meet-cute, and the chemistry builds throughout the book until there is no holding back.

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Wrap Up
I am looking forward to reading more in the Legal Affairs series.

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