Changing Course by Brey Willows

Buckle up for an emotional ride!

What was the book about?
When Jessa and her crew get stranded on Indemnion, a dangerous planet that most intergalactic beings avoid, she has to work out how to get her team home while keeping them alive. In an attempt to navigate danger away from her team, she ends up being rescued by Kylin. A native of Indemnion who was coming to take apart her ship to sell back in her sector.

They begin a fast friendship that is fraught with danger. The closer they become, the more their attraction grows. But Jessa will leave with her team as soon as she can, and Kylin doesn’t need the heartbreak that goes with falling for someone from another planet.

But when temptation becomes too much how will they move on with their lives when they are no longer on the same planet? Featured Tropes Sci-Fi, action-adventure

Book Strengths
Brey Willows is closely becoming one of my favourite authors. When I read Chosen last year, I was hooked and have been excited to read this book, which I thought would be similar but how wrong I was. I kept putting off reading Changing Course because I wanted time to just sit back and indulge in the story a bit without distractions, but let me tell you, I shouldn’t have waited because as soon as I began this book, I realised this was a phenomenal book and nothing like Chosen.

Changing Course is a wonderful book about intergalactic love between two people who were never supposed to meet and how a once chance meeting changed the course of both their lives forever.

Kylin is a beautiful soul who has endured so much in her young life, meeting Jessa opens her eyes to possibilities she shouldn’t dare to dream of. Deciding to indulge in Jessa while she has the small amount of time with her is not something she can stop.

Whereas Jessa is experiencing things she has never imagined before from new cultures, beautiful hidden worlds, and feelings for Kylin she didn’t know existed much less felt.

I think I felt every feeling the main characters were feeling throughout the book with the authors descriptive writing, and I well and truly fell into the world I was reading about.

Also, I want to mention that every time I read one of Brey’s books, she leaves me wanting more from the secondary characters, and this book is no different. She has at least four books worth of secondary characters that she has enticed us with over her last three stand-alone books. I get just as invested in them as I do the main characters. I’d love to crawl inside her imagination for an hour and just see what’s going on in there.

The chemistry between Kylin and Jessa is palpable. You can feel it from every look, touch, and description of how both evoke such strong feelings in one another. They shared another level of intimacy too, which was just as beautiful with little looks and touches that were grounding each other and making one another more vulnerable with each moment spent together. SWOON!

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Wrap Up

We are currently going through COVID-19 here on earth, and there is no better way to forget it by escaping to another planet where Jessa and Kylin will take you on a phenomenal adventure. Enjoy!

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