Out Of Practice by Carsen Taite

The second installment in Carsen Taite’s Legal Affairs series

What was the book about?
Abby Keane won the draw on her three friends and business partners to be the first to go on vacation after they opened their new law firm. When Abby arrives on holiday and meets Roxanne, she gets more than she bargained for in a relaxation vacation.

Roxanne is writing a review for her wedding blog and is scoping out this honeymoon hot-spot for her upcoming wedding review. It’s the perfect place to work with all the Sun, Sea, and unexpected no strings Sex. Both women decide that this will only be a holiday fling with no expectation or question into their life back home.

But when fate brings them back together on home turf and they are on opposing sides at work, can they ignore their fantastic chemistry?

Book Strengths
This was another enjoyable romance from Carsen Taite. I particularly liked the setup and pace of the book. The protagonists fall into bed together first, running with their astounding attraction to each other, and then the rest of the romance follows from there, and I think this was just the kind of easy low angst book I was looking for.

I’m looking forward to the third book in The Legal Affairs Series. I have a feeling Grace is going to be my favourite out of these three legal powerhouses.

I wasn’t a fan of the character in this one as I had been in Practice Makes Perfect (book 1). I also found at time there was too much info on the events surrounding the couple instead of focusing on them.

Abby and Roxanne had chemistry right off the bat. Their sexy vacation interludes were hot and steamy. 

Heating Rating:

Wrap Up
I think book one was still my favourite but I still thoroughly enjoyed the change of pace with this book.

Star Rating
3.5 stars

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