Slammed by Lola Keeley

Lola Keeley certainly knows how to write an epic story.

What was the book about?
Elin Larsson is tennis player world number 1 and a true champion. She is close to breaking the record of most winning Grand Slams and everything she does is focused to achieve that goal. It’s a make it or break it deal and her main concern is not to aggravate her injuries before she reaches her goal. Time is an issue and the pressure too much, making her hesitant of her motivation and final goal. It isn’t an easy road and turns more complicated when her fellow player Toni Cortes Ruiz turns in the scene. As they keep crossing paths, the attraction grows to complicate the road. There’s an incident inside the women’s tennis circuit that will change the rules. What happens when the battle extends outside the court? Will they put all on the line to succeed?  

Featured Tropes: 
Lesbian / slow burn / sports romance / diversity

Book Strengths:
You don’t have to be a tennis enthusiast to enjoy the book, although it gives a good glimpse of what it is to be in the circuit and in a game, the descriptions are very detailed and it’s fascinating how the author makes you feel like you’re being there, feeling that big rush of adrenaline.

It starts strong, great pacing, not a dull moment. There’s a double joy for those who love the sport though. Although, as I mentioned before; there’s no need to know the sport or understand it to enjoy the story unless you don’t like the sport at all. Ms Keeley did a great job with the writing, is very well written and makes you feel involved in the action and able to feel the energy whether you are a fan of tennis or not. It is simply marvellous. I could picture myself on the court, almost feeling the sun on my face, the wind through my hair, the humming crowd around, the court under my feet, the ball on one hand and the racket on the other. I got to say is very thrilling and exciting to be able to live all of this through the words.

I love tennis and books related to the sport. Also, I found very appealing and exciting about the book is the diversity, as well as the fight for equality; these aspects made it deeper. Another thing I liked very much is the fact that Tony is Mexican, there aren’t many in lesfic.

Two main topics are addressed in the story besides the growing romance, and all this conjunction of factors turned it in a very formidable book. It is a very well balanced book.

Book weaknesses:
There are a few typos here and there in two of the languages, but nothing major or distracting. Also, some could consider it a bit long, but I think the length was needed to develop the story. Slows down a bit a couple of times but picks up rather quickly.

Character Chemistry:
This book is fantastic, very well written and the characters are very likeable, also the chemistry between the main characters is simply perfect, they have enough differences to make them special, bringing a vibrant dynamic between them. They fought hard to overcome the obstacles and be together. Even when the romance isn’t conventional and not the main theme of the book, their love story is fascinating and very engaging. There are great secondary characters as well, and they all play an essential part of the game, inside and outside the court; mostly the families of the main characters. And talking about secondary characters, Elin’s mum is great; celeste is also another alluring character.

Heat Rating:

Wrap up:
This is a wonderful and very well written book, with a lot of sports action, clever, funny dialogues, beautifully detailed and a lovely romance. It’s a very delightful story where family and fighting for what is right are the big themes. This book will leave you feeling like floating and very happy.

Star Rating:  4.5

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