Uprooting by Suzie Carr

This is one of the most intense, emotional, inspirational and beautiful books you’ll find and one that invites to read more than once. It is a wonderful ride about inner strength, healing and forgiveness that will stay with you forever.

What was the book about?
Harper Ray has had a very rough life, she is a musician at heart and has many emotional scars; her life hasn’t been easy, she is struggling to stay afloat and is willing to do anything to survive. When she is invited to play in a local festival, she meets Ivy Homestead who is a green witch and life coach; who has her own deal of guilt and inadequacy feelings. Will their strengths overcome their fears and help them fight their feelings poisoning their lives?

Featured Tropes:
Lesbian / slow burn / hope / realistic / 

Book Strengths:
I may not be too eloquent for this one, because it is hard to express with words how beautiful and magnificent this book is. Although, I can testify what a fantastic, peaceful feeling it left. 

It’s a kind of feel-good book, positivism, good vibes and very insightful, brings you hope. It’s interesting how even when the stories of the characters are quite different from mine and I may not have a lot in common with any of them; I still can feel related to them. Although, maybe I was a bit cynical as Harper was at the beginning. But it is fascinating how close we can feel to them, I believe that closeness is due to the human connection and I got to say it is a very powerful one.

There are challenging but also very inspiring thoughts in the book. I won’t mention them to avoid spoilers so I’ll just say. I’m not one to be emotional but there’s a key chapter that is so formidable and eye-opener; that it was so hard to hold the tears, is simply brilliant. Reading this story has been one of the most intense and very very beautiful journeys I’ve ever experienced. This is like something we all need at some point, sometimes a lot more than others. My heart swelled with utter joy. Also, now I wish I could visit The Oasis Wellness and Retreat Center when you read you’ll understand what I mean.

Book weaknesses:
I can’t think of one unless the need for tissues to get through some emotional intense parts that might require them is one of them.

Character Chemistry: 
Harper Ray and Ivy Homestead not only are very different but also have very unlike childhoods and pasts. Even so, it is fascinating to witness their chemistry from the beginning. There’s an uncanny mix of feelings and music than got them together and that play an important part in their story. I enjoyed very much how well they complemented each other and how they helped one another to grow. The evolution from acquaintances to friends, and finally to lovers is special and inspirational.

Heat Rating:

Wrap up:
This is the perfect book to accompany you anytime and definitely one to consider when going through hard times. This book is one that will lift your spirit and leave you with a feel-good sensation all along, and I am sure will resonate with you even after a while. This is a book to take the time to read and savour it.

Star Rating:

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