The Last Place You Look by Aurora Rey

This is my favourite Aurora Rey novel to date! It was fantastic.

What was the book about?
Julia Pierce is starting again after her wife leaves her for her personal trainer new and to make things worse, she is heading home to live in her grandmother’s house and to work in her family’s winery. Her life is turned upside down until she bumps into childhood friend Taylor in town. Taylor is not only handsome but incredibly sweet. The attraction is there from the beginning but she’s not looking for Ms. Right, she is looking for Ms. Right now.

Being a notch on Julia’s bedpost couldn’t be further from what Taylor wants. She has had a crush on Julia all her life but falling into her bed would be too hurtful in the long run. So, they become friends and Taylor even offer’s to be her wing woman during Julia time of exploration but the more time they spend together the more their feeling grows. Maybe their love really is in the last place Julia looks?

Featured Tropes:
Childhood crush, Starting again, Small town romance, Oh! The Sex.

Book Strengths:
This book is the perfect book to kick your feet up, relax with a glass of wine and enjoy. I’m a big Aurora Rey fan because her deliciously engaging books feature strong women who fall for sweet butch women. It’s a winning recipe.

This is my favourite Aurora Rey novel to date! It was fantastic and ticked heaps of boxes for me. I think the author also wrote outside her comfort zone more in this book and really developed her craft to a higher standard which must have been tough because she already writes impeccably.

I loved Julia from the get-go and could honestly understand her plight. She was left in the wreckage of her marriage so guarding her heart was the priority and boy did she try and avoid heart ache. I really enjoyed her dating antics and more than once had a cringey moment and wished she would just run into Taylors arms.

Taylor was a everything that I love in a strong but sensitive butch. I nearly swooned right of my seat more than once. And the change in the typical dynamic of the femme being the non-fling types and the butches are looking for no strings was awesome, and I love when authors mix it up.

I loved the short-lived secondary characters Amber and Bianca. Especially Amber I’d love for her to find love she was my favourite secondary character. I laughed a lot in her scene.

Character Chemistry:
Oh! The sex in this book is sizzling hot. Some light BDSM moments and some very hot sexy talk. Aurora Rey really surpassed herself with these scenes. This reviewer was left all hot and bothered.

Heat Rating:

Fantastic book. I cannot recommend this book enough. I think this book is a little bit of sustenance for the soul during our currently global pandemic. ‘The Last Place You Look’ will lift you up and make you forget for a while. And leave you feeling like you’ve had a warm (but sexy) hug. Go grab yourself a copy and enjoy!

Star Rating:
5 stars

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