What the Heart Remembers Most by M. Ullrich

I am still coming down from my emotional high from this book. What a phenomenal story!

What was the book about?
Gretchen and Jax are madly in love and have been for most of their lives; they are happy and have the most adorable baby boy. Well… That’s what Gretchen remembers when she wakes up from an accident with a brain injury.

But things aren’t what she knows. Jax’s is acting distant and strange, and her son is now an energetic toddler. What has happened to her life?

Featured Tropes:
second-chance romance, big twists, a new favourite, emotional, I’m not crying… you are!

Book Strengths:
So it’s 2 am and I’ve just finished What the Heart Remembers Most, and I am sobbing while typing up my review notes in my phone… Why? Because this book broke me and then put me back together again.

M. Ullrich is a favourite of mine because of her out of the box writing and her ability to wreak havoc on my poor heart, but by the end, making me feel emotionally sated. It’s a tricky combination that she just gets right, every time. This book is above all others in that regard.

I felt so much for Gretchen when she wakes from a harrowing accident to find out that her life is no longer what she remembers. The woman she is devastatingly in love with is no longer hers. Every moment when Gretchen would learn something new and hurtful about her relationship with Jax, the further her heart broke, and as the reader, I felt like I was on that journey with her. I kept crying during these scenes because I felt what she was feeling. It was scary but intoxicating at the same time. I couldn’t put the book down.

Jax, I just wanted to hug and tell her everything would be ok. She was a beautiful soul that got lost just as much as Gretchen had. I kept shouting in my head to the book “You are both meant for each other! COMMUNICATE!” But they didn’t hear my woe’s.

This is where I need to watch what I say next because with every M. Ullrich book there are big twists and extensive turns and trust me you do not want me to spoil Jax and Gretchen’s Journey for you. I will say this Gretchen and Jax are soul mates and if you are a romantic like me, then they deserve your time because no other couple deserve the Happy Ever After like they do.

Character Chemistry:
The chemistry between Jax and Gretchen is different from normal books because you’re seeing them after seventeen years together. They have an underlying connection that you know is there but don’t see until Gretchen wakes up. It’s obvious that these two have chemistry and when they do hit the sheets, they set them on fire, but it’s the unspoken connection that really had me glued to the page. The love that conquers the hurt. Now that was unbelievable.

Heat Rating:
3 Flames

Like I said, I am a massive M. Ullrich fan, and I typically rate her books five stars because I love her writing. But one book has always been at the top of the list, and that’s Life in Death. Her other books have come close too but never quite get top billing like Life in Death does. Well, that my friends has just happened because What the Heart Remembers Most is standing toe to toe with it, fighting for top spot. In fact, it’s probably at the top. Go do yourself a favour and grab this book… You can thank me later!

Star Rating:
5 stars

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