Mending Fences by Angie Williams

If you’re looking for the sweetest (and sexiest) second chance romance then this book is for you!

What was the book about?
When Bobby Del Ray finds an injured puppy on her ranch, she heads to the local vet only to find her childhood sweetheart has replaced the regular vet. It has been years since Bobby and Grace have been in the same room, but the attraction to one another is still prevalent, and Bobby knows she is about to lose her heart all over again.

Coming back to her hometown was never part of Grace’s plan, but with her father’s death and her friend asking for help at his vet practice, she knows it is the right move for now. Seeing Bobby Del Ray? Not part of that equation until Bobby walks into her surgery looking like everything she ever wanted. Can these two rekindle their once-great love, or is it too late?

Featured Tropes
Second Chance Romance, Soul Mates, Small Town Romance, Oh! The sex.

Book Strengths
I really enjoyed this book and once I started it, I couldn’t put it down. This is not a story driven by angst but more of a sweet (but incredibly sexy) story of finding your way home. I loved the pace and how easy this story flowed and at no moment did I think Grace and Bobby were not meant to be together. Their connection was undeniable, and at one-point, Grace even says that she can’t see Bobby right now because she forgets everything else but Bobby when they are together. This is the perfect example of their relationship… All encompassing.

I think the storyline is more focused on Grace’s journey. Bobby is forthright from the beginning about what she wants, and how it has never changed. For me, it made me crush on Bobby even harder. She wants Grace, and that is all that is important. End of story. She is a romantic soul, who honestly deserves the world, and wow can she ramp up the sexy in the bedroom… She is perfect… A sweet, unassuming human who cares about everyone else before herself, and she is hot!!!! #swoon

But Grace is a more complex being. She has been hurt badly, and not only by the heartbreak of Bobby, but also her cruel parents. This has really done a number on poor Grace. Bobby breaks down these walls one brick at a time and starts to let Grace heal. When this happens, we see a more vulnerable Grace, one who deserves her second chance.

I really enjoyed how there is no pretense in the beginning for Grace and Bobby. Their feelings for each other are evident and it means everything in this story especially because their friendship is at the heart of everything.

The epilogue (as with lots of books) was my favourite moment. It was like a big warm sexy hug!

Book Weaknesses
This is a small thing, but I would have really enjoyed some more Bobby and Grace time. I felt like Grace was doing all the right things with trying to work things out before jumping into things with Bobby, I just wish the jumping in happened sooner because I just wanted all the page time with them both.

Character Chemistry
Ok let me tell you, the sex is off the chart hot!!! Not quite erotica but heading in that direction. Wow! And Grace and Bobby’s sexual escapades just ramp up their connection and chemistry. I would not want to be in a science lab with these two because they are combustible. Angie Williams certainly has the sexy talk down!

The sexual chemistry is beyond but after their sexy times, they have fun too which just adds to their relationship and closeness. Just being jovial or sincere, these two hit the jackpot finding their way back to each other.

Heat Rating
4.5 Flames

For her first novel I think Angie Williams knocked this one out of the park. I will be following what she does next very closely! Star Rating: 4.5 stars

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