To the Moon and Back by Melissa Brayden

Such a wonderful story to just fall into and in love with!

What was the book about?
Carly was a sought after superstar in the film industry not that long ago, and now she’s more of a fallen star. She needs to find a way to get her name in front of all film-makers once again. When her agent gives her a chance at the last attempt to rectifying her career, she doesn’t care what it is, and she is going to take it – even if it is theatre.

Stage manager Lauren loves her job. Yes, she tried and failed at being an actress but being a stage manager is everything she never knew she wanted. When Hollywood bad girl, Carly Daniel turns out to be the next productions main star, she knows she’s in for a crazy ride. But what she expects and what she gets is completely different. In fact, Carly has set her sights on Lauren and their chemistry is undeniable. Even the shows director can see they have something special.

But Carly is an actress from L.A and Lauren is a stage manager at the McAllister Theatre, Minneapolis. How could that ever work in the real world?

Featured Tropes
Hollywood romance, Theatre buff, Soul Mates, co workers, Femme-Femme.

Book Strengths
I loved To The Moon and Back. It was everything that I was looking for from the moment I picked it up. Melissa Brayden never disappoints, and I always know I am getting a phenomenal story. I have to say, the past three books by this author have exceeded all my expectations. She certainly has raised the bar of late.

What really shone through in this book was Mellissa Brayden’s love of the theatre, from working in it to being part of the audience. As someone who also adores the theatre, I had high hopes for this story, and it did not disappoint.

I loved the Carly and Lauren dynamic from the beginning. Lauren is this organised, methodical character with a big heart and caring nature, whereas Carly is also caring with a big heart but is unorganised, doesn’t get too worked up about schedules and just wants to have fun. When they have to work together, it’s a disaster in the beginning, but what is clear is the attraction and Carly is very upfront about her attraction to Lauren. It was very sexy how upfront Carly was.

I really enjoyed Lauren’s character. She was engaging and the more she let her walls down and became vulnerable, the more I warmed to her, and by the end, she was my favourite character.

I could honestly hole up in that theatre and be friends with the entire cast. But Lauren and Carly would be top of the list. Melissa Brayden has a way of making us feel like we are part of the story as well as feeling what the main characters are feeling. It’s a winning formula.

I am pretty sure we had a slight window into Melissa Brayden next book series in this book, and it has made me even more excited to read it. Look out for mentions of Vineyards… just Sayin’!

The Epilogue was a massive winner for me, and it just showed a beautiful side to Lauren and Carly’s relationship and tied everything up in a nice bow. It was like a lovely book hug to end the story.

Character Chemistry
The Chemistry was prevalent from the moment Lauren and Carly meet. Even though Lauren is really annoyed by Carly’s lack of timekeeping, she still feels a connection.
The build-up to the first sex scene is almost uncomfortable. It’s like one big foreplay session… very sexy!

Heat Rating
3 Flames

Melissa Brayden knocked this one out of the park… Were we surprised? No. Will we be lining up for her next novel? Most definitely. This book is fantastic and a sure-fire way to uplift the spirits during a crazy time in the world. Go grab a copy and have some guaranteed fun!

Star Rating
5 Stars


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