Stealing a Thief’s Heart by C.L Cattano

Being an expert thief doesn’t stop you losing your heart.

What was the book about?
Crime and love… two reasons to meet online.

Opportunities to retire from life as a thief don’t come around often. Benny is determined to make this one pay. In her online efforts to help execute her escape plan, after pulling the biggest heist in her career, the last thing on her mind is romance.

When making friends online, Evelina did not expect to find love. After finding her Darby though, she is certain she has stumbled upon her soulmate. She will do whatever it takes to bring Darby to Italy so they can finally meet face to face.

Two women have very different reasons for being online. Will they both get what they want, or will putting trust in someone they have never meet in person turn out to be a disaster?

Featured Tropes:
Opposites attract, international love, sort of a second-chance

Book Strengths:
The details. The details of the criminal activities, the details of the locations, the details of the food, drink, language…all of it was excellent. Then there’s the pacing. The story moves along in a slow, slow, fast, fast, slow pace which matches the speed jumps of an actual heist. One of the parts I enjoyed was that misunderstandings, miscommunication and even non-communication are used a metaphorical device. All of those misunderstandings and reverse communications are basically how Benny lives in her non-identity, in not revealing her true motivation, in her inability to express her wants and needs. Seeing her actually having to communicate truthfully is painful for her, but wonderful for us.

Oh! And the heist? Oh my gosh, so well written. I held my breath the entire time.

Book weaknesses:
For a while, Darby was such an unpleasant character that I simply couldn’t find any redeeming qualities in her personality. I understood that her actions were contextual, but when Evelina started begging for Darby’s love and attention, I wanted to tell her to let Darby go. Luckily, Darby got her act together, redeemed herself and gave Evelina a reason to continuously throw herself at Darby’s feet. (Metaphorically).

Character Chemistry:
Darby and Evelina’s chemistry really only started once Darby arrived in Italy. Then as events progressed, their chemistry heated up.

Heat Rating:
3 flames

The title is called Stealing a Thief’s Heart, and while Evelina makes every effort to steal Darby’s heart, there is no theft in the end. Darby’s heart is given willingly. And the journey to get to that point is wonderful.

Star Rating
4 stars

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