Elimination by Jackie D

An action-packed romance that will keep you on the edge of your seat!

What was the book about?
This is the third book in the After Dark Series so please read Infiltration and Pursuit first otherwise you will miss out on reading a fantastic series!

Tyler, Brooke, Jennifer and Caden are back and we are introduced to the two main characters of this book, Dylan Prey and Emma Quinn.

The story leads to Russia to tie up the dangerous loose ends. Dylan has been working undercover within the Russian mafia for 3 years and is almost to the stage where she can bring it all together. Emma is a NSA cyber analyst “geek” and hasn’t worked in the field at all. Teaming these two up with the rest of the group to get the job done has its problems but each woman is most certainly capable of doing her own part without a doubt. Raw emotions, danger and love will out.

Featured Tropes: 
Action, adventure, romance

Book Strengths
Every single character in this book, as with the two previous novels, are very well written. They aren’t cardboard cutouts they are so vivid. I love how you are drawn into the danger with the characters and you are willing them on.

Character Chemistry:
Dylan and Emma are brilliant together, they complement each other, and they spark from the very beginning which eventually turns into a flame. Tyler and Brooke, Jennifer and Cayden are still wonderful in their own couples.

Heat Rating

Wrap up:
I have to say that I have really loved this series. Jackie D hasn’t actually said that this is the last book yet. But if she does then it’s a great ending and I will miss the characters. I look forward to reading more novels by Jackie D as I am sure they will be just as entertaining and enthralling.

Star Rating

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