Face The Music by Ali Vali

A low angst love story that you can sit back and enjoy!

What was the book about?
Mason Liner works for her fathers recording company. She is a guru in the music biz and a fixer when music stars take the wrong path, but her latest project is to get music diva, Sophie Ruddy back on track after her last public scandal.

Victoria Ruddy has been managing her mother’s music career most of her life. But when her mother takes things a step too far, she teams up with Mason to help her mother and her self destructive behaviour.

Mason and Victoria don’t need to like each other to have the same goal. But when walls come down and the attraction goes up, they can’t help but see the possibility of something life-changing between them.

Book Strengths
I am semi-new to Ali Vali, and the more I read, the more I can’t believe I was so late to the party because I really enjoy her stories. I really like the low angst element of this book because it left me to concentrate more on the love story between Mason and Victoria. 

Mason, in the beginning, I wasn’t one hundred per cent keen on but by the end, she was my favourite character. She was really something else, and when she was vulnerable with Victoria, you could see the real Mason. Victoria, I just wanted to cuddle from the get-go, and I was so happy that Mason steps up to this job more than once. 

Mason and Victoria have a great dynamic and their friendship shone through numerous times to show that this wasn’t just about love, but about something deeper and more aligned to soul mates.

I feel there is a story with secondary character Belle… I just wanted more of her. I also felt there could be something between Victoria’s best friend, Josette and Mason’s assistant, Scarlet. I know Josette was portrayed as straight, but she is a toaster-oven romance waiting to happen. 

Book Weaknesses
I would have liked more flashbacks. We get one flashback from Mason about a previous relationship but still, I felt if anyone deserved a flashback and a window into the past it would be Victoria and her childhood/ young adult life with her mother.

Character Chemistry
The chemistry between Victoria and Mason is off the charts, and their sex life was sizzling hot! The also had a beautiful and loving relationship on top of it. Like I said before this is a love that soul mate stories are made of.

Heat Rating
4 flames

This is a delightful book that has jumped into my re-read pile. It’s definitely the perfect story to curl up in bed on a lazy Sunday and read all day.

Star Rating
4 Stars

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