Flavor of the Month by Georgia Beers

What’s this book about?
When Charlie chooses a career in New York and a beautiful older woman over her childhood sweetheart, Emma, she thinks she’s made the right decision. Fast forward five years, and she’s lost the job and the girl that lured her there.

She needs to move back to her home town to live with her parents. Emma doesn’t want anything to do with Charlie, but through work, they keep seeing each other.

The chemistry and old feelings are still present between them, but Emma can’t trust Charlie, and she’ll just leave again when something better comes up, right? So why put her heart on the line a second time.

Book Tropes
Second-Chance romance, Femme-Femme, Oh! The angst, Small-town, Slow Burn.

Book strengths
I love a redemption story, and this one excited me as soon as I read the synopsis. As usual, the writing is tight, and the pace is perfect. Georgia Beers knows how to make her books flow so the reader can kick back and enjoy.

The storyline itself was a good one and held its own authenticity from other second chance romance and redemption tropes.

I really loved reading Charlie’s growth from her younger self in the prologue to her now-adult attitude about life. I think the secondary characters were the stars of the show, and I particularly loved Sandy. Every time she was on the page, I wanted to be her friend.

Book weaknesses
Here’s the thing, you all know how I love an epilogue, well there isn’t one in this book, and I think I would have been ok with that if there had been two things. Firstly, I think the characters needed more page time to establish more of a connection before they rode off into the sunset. And secondly, I just felt like the ending wasn’t the ending. I went back and forth a few times to make sure my kindle had it right.

Like most second chance romance books, the chemistry is interwoven into the past love story, so it’s always tenacious with usually an undercurrent of abhorring which I think heightens the allure they have to each other. Georgia Beers nailed this with Charlie and Emma. In the moments they get page time together, it was very prominent.

Heat Rating
3 flames

Wrap up
This isn’t my favourite Georgia Beers book, but if you’re into redemption/ second chance romance books with a sweet romantic undercurrent, I think you should definitely read Flavor of the Month.

Star Rating
4 stars

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