Silk and Leather Edited by Victoria Villaseñor

Holy hotness!

This is a slightly different style of review as this one is for a Lesbian Fiction anthology edited by Victoria Villaseñor and published by Bold Strokes books. This collection is nothing short of sexy and the theme is Silk and Leather so you can imagine the delicious eroticism at play. Like with most anthologies, there were some hits and some I wasn’t as keen on. I have to say though, there were only two in the whole collection that wasn’t for me and in a book of twenty stories that’s an impressive result. 

There are definitely stories that stood out from the rest. Here are my top 5 in the anthology: (These are listed in order of chapters) 

  • Engagements by M. Ullrich
  • Taking a Leap by Kitty McIntosh 
  • The Bet by Sandy Lowe 
  • The Key to Happiness by Jeannie Levigs
  • Marks by Nell Stark 

I also want to give a shout out to the new authors who did a spectacular job, and their stories were fantastic debuts to the writing world. The two in particular that stayed with me after I closed the book were:

  • In A Place Like This by Rebecca Stieglitz 
  • Nicolette by C.A Hutchinson 

Heat Rating
5 flames

Wrap Up
If you fancy something sexy and intriguing, you’re going to want to get your hands on this anthology soon! Enjoy.

Star Rating
4 stars

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