Tread Lightly by Catherine Lane

We got in one book magic, a truthful godmother, an enigmatic and sexy guardian angel, as well as witty and funny dialogues. What else do we need? 

What was the book about?
Claire is one of the best that the Fairy Godmother Council has to offer, but things in the 21st century are far from what it was in the good old days; additionally, the Council has to fight guardian angels that only want to steal their best clients.  When Claire’s given a very special client and in her introductory visit to Frankie, her millennial and apparently not so deserving client, meets the enigmatic and very attractive guardian angel Tamiel; things got an unexpected turn. Tamiel tries to convince Claire she´s there to protect Frankie, not to steal her. Things have changed a lot since Cinderella and they’re never what they seem to be. What happens when loyalties, old beliefs and prejudices are tested? What would this lovely Godmother and mysterious Guardian angel will do to keep a very disinterested but very important millennial safe? Is it time for the fairy godmother to get her happily ever after as well?

Featured Tropes
lesbian / slow burn / magic / action / fairy godmother / guardian angel / Fallen Angel / demon / supernatural / urban

Book Strengths:
I’ve read a few books by Catherine Lane by now and I like her writing style. I’ve enjoyed very much every one of them. One thing that has me fascinated is they’re all different but the one thing they have in common, is they’re amazing. This one though has a bit more of magic (yes, pun intended). The story is very dynamic, has several elements to look for; action, mystery, romance, humour, among others. There are a lot of scenes that end up in a very peculiar and unpredicted bout of hilariously. One of the most enjoyable things of the book is the great balance it holds with all the elements mentioned above; they worked impeccably. 

This novella is a stimulating mix of supernatural elements and fairy tales with a bit of seriousness and a paranormal mystery. There are some action-packed fighting demons from another dimension. It is also deliciously unpredictable. There is a very different love scene that got my attention; I never thought something like this could exist, was very fascinating. There is as well a wand-case scene almost at the end of the book that got me laughing out loud, that was a highly diverse way to enlighten the mood and leave it with a happy hilarious ending. Another thing on favour of the book is that even when it is a novella it isn’t rushed. Not counting the lack of epilogue, I believe Ms Lane did a great job with the pace and the development of the plot.

Starts a bit confusing, but I believe that’s the purpose, as we keep reading everything is coming to shape and turns epic. It’s short and light but I enjoyed greatly reading this one.

Book weaknesses:
Was a great story, but an epilogue would have been great. It feels a bit empty without one. Would be great to have a longer sequel.

Character Chemistry: 
The characters are something I didn’t expect but they were a delightful surprise. On one hand, we got a fairy Godmother ranked in a high hierarchy, who has had clients as famous as Cinderella. On the other hand, we got a guardian angel that is nothing like the angels I’ve read about, a fierce one with a different sense of duty as her fellow guardian angels. Remember the premise that God fairies and guardian angels don’t get along, they’re supposed to be rivals. I like the way Ms Lane plotted their combined story. We found sizzling and almost literally explosive chemistry between Claire and Tamiel the moment they met. I was drawn to them from the beginning and I enthralled to keep me reading and wanting to know more about them and their stories, as well as to discover the plot behind their protégé.

Heat Rating:

Wrap up: 
This is what I call an engaging, funny, magical journey. If you like a well written and well-plotted supernatural urban fantasy novella, in addition to very well developed characters. This is the book for you.

Star Rating

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