Line of Duty by VK Powell

Who doesn’t love a Cops and Docs lesfic trope? 

What was the book about?
Dylan does not want to fall for a police officer. She knows the heartache that can bring, so when she walks in on the very handsome Finley having sex with one of the hospital nurses, she not only knew that Finley’s a cop but also a reckless one. A reckless cop is something she has no desire for, but she can’t help but imagine what one night with Finley would be like? But it wouldn’t be worth the trouble.

Finley knows she wants Dylan the moment she lays eyes on her, but something is different. She wants to prove herself to this woman who suddenly means more than the flings she’s had in the past. Probably a bad idea though as not only does Dylan not seem interested but she’s Finley’s boss’s sister. It has ‘terrible’ written all over it. 
As Dylan pushes Finley away, it only makes her want Dylan more… 

Featured Tropes
Cops and docs, Family, Medical, Butch-Femme

Book Strengths
I presume this was a grand finale to the Fairview Station series. I’ve read the other two books in the series, so I knew the background of sisters Jazz and Bennett and their now wives, but Dylan is my favourite Carlyle sister without a doubt. You can read these books as a standalone, but I urge you to go back to the start because it just intensifies the story and notably Dylan, who by book three felt like the most important family member aside from her Grandma. Who by the way, is a complete scream. 

I love a sexy butch cop, and Finley Masters was everything I needed. Not only was she damn hot, but she was a tormented soul, and that my dear friends just made her even sexier. Oft… I love a good cops and docs trope. In fact, some of my favourite books are just that, and this did not disappoint.

These two had oodles of sexual chemistry, and when they finally hit the sheets, it was just damn hot! HOT!

Heating Rating: 
4 stars

Wrap Up
Great story that I know I’ll be rereading in the near future. I’m secretly hoping I’m wrong that this is the finale and that there’s more to come from the Carlyle Sisters. 

Star Rating: 
4.5 stars 

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