Two Heart Trilogy by Harper Bliss

Harper Bliss put everything into this book and what a pay off. It’s fantastic.

What is this book about?
Anna lives in a small town in upstate New York. Her life is very scheduled, and she has little time for disturbance in her life. But when whirlwind, Zoe buys the local book shop, her life is never the same again. Thrown into a rollercoaster of emotions, Anna has to navigate the possibility that her well-constructed walls aren’t as unbreakable as she thought. 

Featured Tropes
Opposites attract, Small-town romance, single mum

Book Strengths 
This trilogy is made up of three novellas. I considered reviewing each one separately, but by the time I finished I felt like it would be best enjoyed as a whole so as such, I am going to review it as a whole. 

Two Hearts is very much a journey of self-discovery, love and acceptance. Let me just start off firstly by saying Harper Bliss is one of my favourite authors. When I discovered At Water’s Edge all those years ago, I realised what a truly fantastic soul she was. I have followed her writing career throughout the last five years, and I think this book was not only raw and emotional, but it must have taken an incredible amount of courage to write in comparison to her others.

I understand now why this book was written in three parts because there are three parts to Anna and Zoe’s story and probably a fourth if you include the beautiful, well-executed epilogue that takes part three years after the book finishes. 

Anna and Zoe really do have a beautiful connection, but it’s not plain sailing for them. They both come with a heap of baggage, but it’s so worth it. As I am reviewing this as a complete trilogy, I’m not going to into much detail about the story because all you need to know is in the synopsis, but I will say this, Anna and Zoe deserve your time. I know many of my followers will love these three novellas, but here’s a tip… buy as a whole and read this as a full novel. You won’t regret it. 

Character Chemistry 
The chemistry between Anna and Zoe is very much there, but it’s a slow build. In fact, their non-sexual chemistry is possibly my favourite parts to read. The slight touches and flirty banter made for very good reading and helped lighten the more emotional parts of the book. When they finally get tangled in the sheets it is absolutely worth the wait, I was expecting tame, but that wouldn’t be Harper Bliss now, would it? 

Heat Rating
3 flames

Wrap up
What an excellent book. If you’re looking for an emotional with a beautiful story, then this series is for you. 

Star Rating
5 Stars

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