A Bittersweet Garden by Caren J. Werlinger

An Irish ghost tale as its best

What was the book about?
Nora McNeill has left her home in the USA to spend three months in the village in Ireland where her grandparents grew up. On her first walk around the village and not looking where she is going, Nora manages to frighten the horse Briana Devlin is riding. Nora is captivated by Ireland and the stories her grandparents told her but there was one story they didn’t tell her. While staying in a cottage Nora starts dreaming of a family and starts seeing and smelling things. Her relationship with her cousins is going well and even her hesitant friendship with Briana has been able to withstand its inauspicious beginning. But with finding herself covered in mud and fully clothed in her bed Nora finds that what she believes is real isn’t. Nora is set on a course to find a young girl who disappeared over 150 years before. Can this search tear apart what is a burgeoning romance, and will it eventually lead to Nora’s demise?

Featured Tropes: 
Supernatural, Romance

Book Strengths:
I was on the edge of my chair reading this story. The descriptions of the village of Cong and its surrounds is so good you feel you are there. The ethereal sense of the supernatural is strong as you are drawn into Nora’s dreams. All the characters are interesting and lend themselves to makes a wonderful story.
Ireland! What is not to love about Ireland.

Character Chemistry:
Nora’s and Briana’s initial meeting was a disaster albeit funny to the reader. Their chemistry is very slow burn through a strong friendship that develops through the story. Sheila and Quinn are great secondary characters as is Nora’s great aunt.

Heat Rating

Wrap up
What better setting that Ireland for a ghost story. A ghost story which doesn’t completely scare the heebie-jeebies out of you but leaves you thinking of many possibilities.

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