Guardian Angel by Becky Harmon

Danger and desire mixed with the sun, desert, oasis and a coal train….what more could happen

What was the book about?
Elizabeth Turner (Ellie) had lived in Mauritania with her father but now she is back as the US Ambassador. An ex-CIA and ex-politician, Ellie feels that she can do more for Mauritania as an Ambassador, but things aren’t going according to her plans. Agent Angel McTaggart (Tag) is part of a private security sent to ensure the safety of the Embassy as well as its occupants and in particular, the Ambassador. A crowd has gathered at the front of the Embassy and shots are fired causing heightened tension. Sparks fly within as well in a play of wills, Angel demands that the Ambassador do her things her way for her own safety but Ellie is convinced there are others options. 

Featured Tropes:  
Action, romance

Book Strengths:
I have never been to Mauritania but the descriptions in the book are so vivid that you could feel the sun, sand and the cool breeze of the oasis.

The build up of tension, danger and desire are wonderful. You are kept at the edge of your seat waiting to see what will happen next. 

Interaction between and with minor characters set the scene and background for a really great read.

Character Chemistry:
Ok these two women are off the charts hot together. They are strong and determined but desire, lust and love find a way through armour. Although the book ended it gave a possibility, I think anyway, that maybe there might be more from Ellie and Angel to come.

Heat Rating:

Wrap up:
I loved and thoroughly enjoyed reading Guardian Angel, the best kind of escape at the moment.

Star Rating:

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