After Happily Ever After Edited by Astrid Ohletz & Alex K. Thorne

I can’t tell you how much I needed this book when it fell into my lap! #Perfectiming

What was the book about?
This is a series of short stories that follow up on all our favourite characters from books that have been published by Ylva Publishing.

Featured Tropes:
Anthology, More happy ever after, Favourites

Book Strengths:
Telling you I loved this book would be a bit of an understatement because, honestly, I adored it. It was just what I needed and can guarantee it will lift many peoples spirits, especially if you have read the books that come before these shorts.

Top 5
(and in no particular order)

Interlude by Lola Keeley
This is a follow-up story from The Music and the Mirror book. I hadn’t realised how much I have been wanting a follow up to these two until reading this. Wow! Lola Keeley does a stand-up job in bringing all the sexiness Anna and Victoria emanate in a beautiful short burst. This short left me thinking there is more to come… Now that would make all my days!

Water to Wine by Roslyn Sinclair
Oh, Mir! Be still my beating heart, you dreadful Pirate you! It turns out I still have the biggest crush on Mir (and Ari too now). This was a follow up to the completely awesome The Lily and the Crown which if you haven’t already read it you simply must. Then follow it up with this delicious and sexy story.

All Wrapped Up by G Benson
A follow up to one of my all-time favourite Lesbian Fiction novels? Oh! Hells yes. This beautiful story is the follow up to my favourite fiction family from Melbourne Anna, Lane and their adorable kids, Ella and Toby. Lane is still navigating dating a woman with two kids but all credit to her she only ever sees the abundance of love that comes with it all. Lane is the perfect woman… She just keeps giving. I’ve got the main story All The Little Moments queued on my Kindle for this weekend, you going to want to do the same.

No Going Back by Cheyenne Blue
The tennis queens from Code of Conduct are back, and this time Alina is front and centre. I loved this little follow-up, especially because I was left wondering when I finished Code of Conduct about Alina. Here’s what I said: I loved the secondary characters, especially Jelina and Alina. I finished the book and pondered straight away if there was a sequel there for them, almost like the Ice Queen and the nice girl… food for thought! So this was a delightful and welcomed surprise. And I loved spending more time with Alina… Honestly, I want to be greedy and ask Cheyenne Blue for more!

The Brutal Lie by Lee Winter
The Brutal Truth was my first book by Lee Winter, and it set me on my journey to finding one of my all-time favourite authors and this short story gave me all the irresistible feels that Elena and Maddie give me every time they hit the page together. I adored The Brutal Lie, and anytime Maddie and Elena are given page time I am going to be there front and centre.

Character Chemistry:
These characters all still have the most fantastic chemistry, but more than that, they are always either in love or still falling in love. It’s one major swoon fest

Wrap up:
Want something to lift your spirits and make you forget the craziness of the world right now? Then this is your book. And if you haven’t read any of the main novels, then you are good to go for the next few months because you need to catch up!

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