Then & Now by Monica McCallan

When your second-chance is still your only chance at happiness!

What was the book about?
Lily Connor was in love once, but she is no longer interested in finding romance herself, only giving her clients a romantic wedding as their Wedding Planner. She thought that was her only future until Bennett Burke walked into her office.

Bennett hasn’t seen Lily in six years, and she has never regretted anything more than the way things ended between them. It’s clear that the feelings for both of them have never dissipated, but Lily isn’t keen on re-living old hurts all over again, and by the look of the man on Bennett’s arm, she hasn’t learned to be her true self. So with her focus clear, Lily decides to push through her heartbreak of seeing Bennett again and work with her so Lily can give her client the wedding of her dreams who just happens to be Bennett’s best friend. If only she wasn’t remembering every touch and every heartbreak then maybe they could get through this unscathed… Dreamers can dream, right?

Featured Tropes:  
Rich-Poor, Femme- Femme, Second-Chance

Book Strengths:
I always know when sitting in front of a Monica McCallan book that I am going to enjoy it a great deal and this is no different. It’s not my favourite book by McCallan but it’s certainly fun to read. I especially enjoyed the glimpses into when Bennett and Lily first met and fell in love, and the book wouldn’t have been the same without the time hopping chapters.

Lily was 100% my favourite character and in fact I would say, she might be my favourite of all the McCallan characters. She was so sweet and shy in the beginning but in the future, she is strong and knows her strengths and works to them. She is also a woman who knows her limits and I loved when she’d take moments to chill when forced in to extroverted situations. A true introverted extrovert, and you don’t see this often in novels – you’re either an introvert or an extrovert. Lily reminded me a lot of myself and I think that’s why I warmed to her so quickly.

Bennett is the kind of woman I (like Lily) would fall head over heels with and devil may care with the consequences. She was one person in the presence of her peers and parents friends and another when alone with Lily, her true self. It was really lovely to watch Bennett struggle with vulnerability and how she only showed that to Lily, even after years of heartbreak.

The epilogue was my favourite chapter in the whole book.

Book Weaknesses
I would have liked Lily and Bennett to reconcile quicker. It felt like it might happen a few times and when it didn’t I was frustrated.

Character Chemistry:
These characters have chemistry in spades and they have a certain charge about them especially when they are trying to hold back.

Heat Rating:

Wrap up:
A really enjoyable and fun read that will have you hooked from chapter one. I think it will tick a lot of reader’s boxes!

Star Rating:

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