Friday Night Flight by Susan X. Meagher

Susan X. Meagher does it again with this beautiful heartfelt story of finding your soul mate. 

What was the book about?
Avery is a different person from the one that left her hometown years ago, but the person that she made an ugly impression on in her teens is the one she now wants to befriend more than ever. 

Casey knows who she is, she always has. Even when the high school bullies gave her a hard time. Shoot forward in time to now, and one of the people that hurt her in high school is back in town. Not only that, but she is a lesbian too. But can people change that much to warrant becoming friends? She doesn’t think so.

When Avery needs a friend, Casey takes a chance, but Avery can feel that she is dubious about their friendship. What does Avery have to do to show she’s changed? And will Casey be able to forget the past to move on with the possibility of happily ever after?

Featured Tropes
Friends to lovers, Single mother, small-town romance, Old childhood hurts.

Book Strengths
Let me start by saying that I have been excited for this book for quite a while, so when I finally got my hands on it, it did not disappoint. I think I am always going to be front and centre to anything Susan X. Meagher writes. The reason I love them so much is that she writes the whole story, not just the romance but the entire build-up, the friendship, the romance and then the love. The best part of Susan X. Meagher’s books is that she lets us hang around in the couple’s lives for a while after they get together. There is no rushing here and what you end up with is nothing short of a swoon-worthy novel.

Casey was one hundred per cent my favourite character. She is sweet and incredibly caring to everyone she encounters. The way she steps up for Avery time and time again just wowed me, and I wanted to be her friend. Avery has changed so much, but she struggles to communicate her true feelings for Casey, and when she finally did I think I shouted “Hooray” so loud my neighbour probably heard because these two really deserved a chance at happiness. 

There is a beautiful baby girl in this book called Lisbet, and she just adds to what is already a great story. In fact, Susan X. Meagher has a perfect way of writing infants and young children. She seems to get it spot on from how it feels to be pregnant, to understanding the love and anxiety that goes into raising a young child. As a mum myself this ticks a big box for me. 

The epilogue in this book was worth the wait and just wrapped this book up beautifully!

This is a hard one to explain because the chemistry is there from the beginning, but it builds as does their friendship/ relationship so it’s not all flash and bang but a gradual falling in love and then when they finally hit the sheets it’s electric between them. 

Heating Rating: 
3 stars

Wrap Up
Another phenomenal story from Susan X. Meagher, and one that I can’t recommend enough. Especially in these times where a nice long read with an adorable love story is just what the doctor ordered!

Star Rating: 
5 stars 

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