Kick Back by KJ

This is my first novel by KJ, and it will certainly not be my last. 

What was the book about?
Sophia plays Australian rules football in her home city of Melbourne. This girl is all about two things. The game and her family. She loves both with a passion most people wouldn’t understand. 

Cameron is a Journalist for a reputed newspaper, and she would shine if she was only given a chance. When her editor tells her to cover the up and coming women’s draft in AFL, she takes the job, albeit reluctantly. This is not the hard-hitting journalism she wanted for her first big piece. 

When both women meet, they get off to a bad start which soon turns into a heated attraction that they can’t deny. But it’s never easy while they navigate the discrimination and misogyny of the women’s league.

Will love conquer all? 

Featured Tropes
Sport Romance, Writer-Journalist, AFL, Australia

Book Strengths
Kick Back, was a great KJ book to start with, and I am glad I got to read it. I live in Melbourne, so I know how much everyone loves the AFL. When the women’s league started, it was a massive thing in the realms of equality, but this book highlights all the things we don’t see in the media. I am not saying they are true because this is a work of fiction, but it made me stop and think. 

I loved Sophia; her character is quintessentially Melbourne, and all the reasons I love people from this great city. Her strong relationship with her brother and sister in law was one of my favourite elements of the book. There is also an element of fabulous Australian humour in this book, and I loved that because it felt like an extension of Aussie life for me. Big tick. 

The sweetness of this love story was exactly what I needed, and KJ injects a level of romance into his book that had me swooning all over the place. I was rooting for the characters from the first meet-cute until the end. 

Book Weaknesses:
I found the slow burn element a little slow at times but not to the detriment of the novel or the love story. In fact, I’d hazard a guess that readers that enjoy slow burn would love this element. 

Oh, these two rock each other’s world in and outside the bedroom. They have a level of intimacy that is palpable, and when they do have sex, fireworks fly.

Heating Rating: 
4 flames

Wrap Up
I am so glad I picked up this book! I am now looking at KJ’s back catalogue wondering what I tackle next!

Star Rating: 
4.5 stars

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