Before You Go by Melissa Tereze

Another great book by Melissa Tereze that will take you on an epic emotional rollercoaster!

What was the book about?
Ryann’s life is at an all-time low. She can’t see a way out of how depressing her life has become. Her life is falling apart, so what’s the point in continuing…

Until one woman shows up out of the blue and saves her life, and now life seems a little bit brighter and seems to brighten more with each day since she met Lydia. But Lydia is too good for someone like Ryann, right? 

Book Strengths
I love an excellent Melissa Tereze novel. Her books are the kind that you become immersed in from chapter one. I loved Ryann’s character; she was such a tormented soul but with a lot of love to give. Her caring and loving nature really drew me in and made me want to cuddle her throughout reading the book. 

As we move through the book, Lydia helps Ryann move past her self loathing which was really good because if she had continued down that path, I think the end result of this book for me would have been very different.

We also get to spend some time with my favourite Melissa Tereze characters, Luciana and Sam from The Arrangement and The Call.

Lydia and Ryann’s love story is beautiful and totally worth your time reading it. In fact, I want to start at the beginning with The Arrangement and work my way through the whole series again!

Book Weaknesses
My only weakness would be that I wish the epilogue was a little further into the future. I felt that Ryann went through such a massive emotional traumatic event, I would like to see how she moved forward in the years that followed not just the months. But if we ever revisit Lydia and Ryann, I’m happy to amend this comment. 

The chemistry between Lydia and Ryann is there in spades, and oh, the lovely tension at the beginning of the book was delicious. When they do hit the sheets they light them up!

Heat Rating:
Four stars

Wrap Up
This is the perfect book to sit back with a glass of wine and enjoy the ride with Lydia and Ryann on their emotional journey to love.  

Star Rating:
4.5 stars

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