Olivia’s Awakening by Ronica Black

Angsty and Hot

What was the book about?
Olivia Savage is newly divorced. She suffers from some pretty intense self esteem issues thanks to the emotional abuse of her ex husband. She’s also deep in the closet. Olivia believes herself to be fat and unattractive. She decides she is going to get in shape. On her first attempt at this she ends up running to the top of a mountain. Unfortunately, she failed to adequately prepare and ends up over exerted. Enter Eve Monroe. Eve, a personal trainer, is out for her regular Monday morning run when she comes across Olivia. She assists Olivia back down the mountain and offers her professional services. Eve manages to give Olivia her card before Olivia runs away. She runs away because she recognises an instant attraction to Eve and is headed back to the closet as fast as possible. 

Fate keeps throwing Eve and Olivia together. The tiptoe around their attraction to each other until Olivia decides to accept Eve’s professional help. The both agree to put their feelings on the back burner and focus on getting Olivia in shape. That goes about as well as you would expect it to (the feelings on the back burner, not the training). As they try to cultivate their relationship, they are faced with some obstacles and angst. 

Featured Tropes
Toaster Oven, Fitness

Book Strengths
I loved how this book addressed Olivia’s body image issues and her desire to get in shape. Eve made it clear to Olivia she was attractive and there was nothing wrong with her body the way the was. Then there was the sex! You can always count on Ronica Black for incredibly hot sex scenes. The writing was strong and there was great character development. I especially loved that the secondary characters were not just filler. They were crucial to the story.

Book Weaknesses
This might not be a problem for some people, but the book was, what I would consider, a little preachy about veganism. It wasn’t militant, just a little preachy. Oh and I would have liked an epilogue, but that’s also a personal preference.

Character Chemistry
I loved these women together. They had an instant connection that didn’t feel at all forced. It was very clear that they were just meant to be together, even though they had their issues. And did I mention the sex was hot!

Heat Rating
3 flames

Wrap up
I would love to see these characters in the future, maybe a short story.

Star Rating
4 stars

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