Waiting For You by Elle Spencer

Delicious Chemistry which a few twists and turns! 

What was the book about?
Lindsay listened to a past-life hypnosis tape when she was a teen with her best friend, Patty. Something happened that left her changed, forever. Knowing her past life has always left her feeling uneasy and unsure of love, to the point her marriage broke down or at least that’s why her husband said it did. 

When faced with a woman, Ren, who is the living embodiment of her past-self’s soulmate, she can’t think of anything else. Ren is so much like her past-life love that she feels an instant connection to her, and Ren is also feeling the pull to Lindsay. The only issue is Lindsay can’t tell Ren all this crazy past life stuff can she? And why would she anyway when Ren is about to leave to start her new adventure in Paris? This can only be a short term thing, so why waste this connection by telling her the story of her past self and jeopardizing her time with Ren. 

Featured Tropes: 
Reincarnation, small town, single mom

Book Strengths


This book was just a whole lot of fun from the prologue right to the end of the epilogue. It’s the kind of book you can just sit and let the story take you on the ride. I really enjoyed the premise being a little different from the norm and the idea of past lives and reincarnation really sparked my interest.

I loved Lindsay’s character the most and felt really connected to her throughout the story. To go through something so life-changing at such a young age and still come out the other side, a solid and beautiful person, was really inspiring. 

I also liked the idea of following not one, not two, but three lesbian romances. We are told the story of Mrs Stokley (whom I adored and who is possibly my favourite character), One of Lindsay’s past life as Katie and her love Roo, and finally the big love story of Ren and Lindsay who we are flowing in the book. It was like three romances for the price of one. 

For me, personally, the secondary characters made this book and would have not been the same without them. Mrs Stokely, Deb, and Patty are the best secondary characters I have read in a long time. I am silently hoping Patty gets her own love story because damn she deserves it. Also want to point out that Ren’s boss, Samantha King’s name pops up and I scream NO WAY! Sam will be forever my favourite Elle Spencer Character. So I am off to read Forget Her Not right after I finish this. 

I loved this book so much. Everything about it just made my heart sing. I love the exploration of past lives and soul mates. To be fair though, I am biased because I am sure my wife and I have been on this merry-go-round together multiple times. Lindsay is such a hero. I spent the entire book rooting for her to get that happy ending she deserved. Like Rach I loved getting three romances in one book. Especially getting to see Mrs. Stokely come out of the closet in more ways than one. I really am in love with all these characters. Well, except Ben. He was just an ass. I am also going to piggy back off the fact that Elle gave a shout out to Samatha King. If you have not read Forget Her Not, drop everything and go do that right now.

Character Chemistry:
Well, hot damn this was a sexy, sexy book! Elle Spencer upped the ante in this one with the sex scenes that were beyond hot but also drove home Lindsay and Ren’s connection further. Those two together were just a match made in sexy heaven!

This book was sizzling. The chemistry between Lindsay and Ren was just electric. I could not get enough of these women together. There was never a doubt they were made for each other.

Heat Rating:
4 flames

Wrap up: 
Another fun and sexy book from Elle Spencer that just made me swoon and ache for her characters. I am really looking forward to what’s up next for this author.

Elle Spencer always delivers a stellar reading experience. The characters in her books always linger in my head, and not just for a few days, but forever. There are only a few authors that can achieve that for me.

Star Rating

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