The Scent of Rome by Lise Gold

I loved this book so much that I read it twice in a row!

What was the book about?
Rome has travelled to Italy to pitch her app to an app developer in her namesake city of Rome. That’s where she meets Nadine, a high-end escort with a thirst for life. Rome is drawn to Nadine as she has never been attracted to a woman before. Firstly she’s straight, and secondly, she doesn’t get attached.

But Nadine is different and brings out things in Rome she never knew she had in her. As they begin to spend more time together and get closer due to a scandal surrounding them, their feelings runs deeper.

But Rome is only in Italy for a short time, and Nadine is an escort that Rome has discovered she’s not ok with, in fact, it makes her downright jealous. So how can this ever work? Love knows no bounds, right?

Featured Tropes
Toaster – oven, Straight girl, Escort, Foreign affair

Book Strengths
I love an excellent Lise Gold novel and this is one of my favourites by her to date. I was immersed in the story from the first chapter and felt like I was part of the story. The story flowed beautifully and I read it in one sitting then started it all over again!

Nadine and Rome’s relationship takes us on a journey of self-discovery for both women while being sexy as all hell… Oft the sexual chemistry but I’ll get to that soon.

Lise Gold upped the bar on her writing in this book. Much like ‘Living’ she made the character’s realistic and added an element that drew me further into the story and totally captured my attention.

I think Rome was my favourite character, maybe because I saw a lot of myself in her. I loved how she embraced the city of Rome, and everything Nadine showed her. Nadine oozed charisma, and I think I fell in love with her a little bit because the crushing (or was that lusting?) was real!

The chemistry between Rome and Nadine was palpable and sexy as all hell. A few times, my mouth hung open with the sheer sexiness of them both together. Lise Gold definitely knows how to write a sex scene. There is also the intimacies that Rome and Nadine shared outside the bedroom that further endeared me to them, they really had a beautiful love story.

Heating Rating
Four stars

Wrap Up
This book is phenomenal and best enjoyed with a glass (or bottle) Frascati and lots of yummy Italian cheese. I highly recommend you grab your copy as soon as possible!

Star Rating
Five stars

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