Dare to Love by A.L. Brooks

I’ve been waiting for this book since reading Write Your Own Script.

What’s the book about?
Carmen Lyttleton is running her empire as a talent-agency executive. She has some big names on her docket and she works hard to make sure they get the best of her skills. When she meets tattoo artist, Ash Taylor, her carefully planned out life gets thrown up in the air. Firstly, she’s straight so why can’t she stop thinking about Ash and as more than a friend.

Ash had the high flying life Carmen has once. But she gave it all up to open a Tattoo studio and enjoy her life. She’s had her heart broken by a straight woman before so she needs to push her feeling for carmen to the side and concentrate on the life shes cultivated for herself. She must protect herself from the same heartache… right?

Book Strengths
This book takes slow burn to a whole new level, and for someone who isn’t always a massive fan of slow-burn, I understood why the author wrote it this way. You couldn’t rush Carmen and Ash’s romance because of Ash’s past hurts but also because of Carmen’s not-so-straight revelation. Carmen is learning about a new side of herself and Ash is learning to open up a side of herself she’s had to deny for a long time.

I really enjoyed watching Carmen discover the new side of her personality and sexuality! She was on the most significant journey, and it was a delight to watch her open up instead of living in denial.

I would call this book a sequel, as it follows on from the authors other book Write Your Own Script and I was so glad that we got some glimpses into Tamsyn and Maggie’s now happily ever after. I especially loved all the advice they gave to Carmen.

I actually wrote this in my review of Write Your Own Script

“I absolutely loved it. I’m really hoping Tamsyn’s agent; Carmen gets her own story (she so needs to jump the fence) because I want more from all these characters…”

Les Reveur

I’m so glad my wish came true!

The epilogue was my absolute favourite thing about the whole book. Short, sweet and deliciously good.

Book Weaknesses
My one and only would be that I felt the story slowed substantially in a few areas where I would have liked things to have ramped up on an emotional front.

The chemistry is undeniable between Carmen and Ash. Their emotional connection is definitely more prominent than the sexual one in the beginning, but with Carmen and Ash, I think that means more to the reader knowing the history. But when they do fall into bed, there are fireworks!

Heat Rating
Three flames

Wrap Up
This is book is a fantastic follow up and I really enjoyed getting to know Carmen more. Now if A.L. Brooks wants to jump into the future and write the lovely, Sophie’s story… Trifecta?

Go grab a cuppa and settle in for Carmen and Ash’s beautiful love story.

Star Rating
Four stars

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