Lucky by Kris Bryant

Loved this book so much I listen to the audiobook straight after reading it!

What’s the book about?
Serena is living hand to mouth. Every paycheck counts and she makes them count. On an off day, she buys a lottery ticket, and it changes her life forever!

Gabrielle is ready for the next step in her Architecture career, but she has to compete to get the promotion. When she lands a Pet Day Care project funded by the newest lottery winner she knows if she can knock this out of the park, it will get her where she wants to be.

The more Serena drives Gabrielle crazy with the design, the more she develops feelings for her. But she needs to push those feelings to the side because falling for a client would ruin everything… right?

Featured Tropes
Slow-Burn, Animals, Client-contactor, Lotto winner, F-F

Book Strengths
This review will be slightly different. I’ve read the book and listened to the audio and to make sure I cover all my bases, I’ll add a short audio version review at the bottom. 

Ok… onwards! This book was fantastic and in a time such as now, it was the escape I sorely needed. I only wish I could have hung around in Serena and Gabrielle’s world a little longer. 

I’m not sure if it’s actually the case but this book felt longer than others by Kris Bryant and honestly, I was so ready for that. She’s such a phenomenal writer (and one of my favourites) that she could write War and Peace and I’d be excited. 

Lucky is written in the third person narrative which is quite the departure from script for Kris Bryant who writes typically in the first person. In my opinion, she’s one of only a few authors who I can read in the first person and thoroughly enjoy. However, the writing in this book was so tight and insightful that I’d almost only want Kris Bryant to write this way in the future. She nailed the emotion, tension and above all else – attraction, and we needed the third person to understand it all. Beautifully done, Ms Bryant! 

I’ve never read a first chapter that captures not only my attention, but set the tone so astutely for a novel! You really enter this book feeling Serena’s anguish and struggle due to her financial situation. So when Serena won the lottery, I burst into tears, knowing how deserving she was and ready for the story to make her dreams come true… 

I adored Serena, and she was, without a doubt my favourite character. I really felt a part of her more than anyone else throughout the story and shared in her emotions and reactions. She took me on the most significant journey. Whereas I was crushing on Gabrielle pretty hard from the get-go… what is it with me and crushing on fiction characters in books? *queue my wife’s eye roll* 

I think it should be left a mystery until you read the book but look out for a character from a previous novel! I squealed so loud when I realised it and then reread their book. 

Y’all know how much I love a good epilogue right? Well, let me tell you this book has a fantastic last chapter and epilogue! In fact, I would have forgiven Kris Bryant for not writing an epilogue because the previous chapter was so good. HOWEVER, the epilogue that does come is incredible and so very delicious! Major swooning for Gabrielle afterwards! 

Character Chemistry
Wowser!!! The connection emotionally and sexually between Gabrielle and Serena was intense and so very sexy! There is much sexiness to enjoy in this book… trust me! 

Heat Rating
4 Flames

I was apprehensive the audiobook would possibly ruin how much I loved this book, and that couldn’t be further from the truth. Brittni Pope did a fantastic job of depicting the characters and I thoroughly enjoyed her narration, especially her version of Serena. 

Wonderful book that honestly should be at the top of your reading list for June. Go grab yourself a copy now… you can thank me later!!! Enjoy! 

Star Rating
5 Stars

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