Blame it on the Chardonnay by A. Emma Hollis

This was an entertaining, funny and different kind of book

What was the book about?
This book tells the personal, romantic and family relationships story of Jenna through the years. Girlfriends and family make an appearance, including her mum’s dog, which she proclaims as Jenna’s little brother.

Featured Tropes
 Lesbian / romantic comedy

Book Strengths
This book is written in a very different way than any book I have read before. It is written in the first person. The narrative is interesting; we get to meet Jenna and the most significant relationships she holds through her life as an adult, personal, romantic and family. Has curious moments, some inner dialogues are very funny, those with animals involved are hilarious, I enjoyed that very much.

Book weaknesses
Starts a bit slow but gets better and funnier mostly from the middle to the end.

Character Chemistry
Since we revisit the key romantic relationships Jenna has got through the years, there are a few women involved. Some of those relationships are short, and a few a bit longer. The chemistry is different with each one of them. 

Heat Rating
1 Flames

Wrap up  
This is, in general, a light funny and entertaining read, to laugh and forget about life for a bit.

Star Rating
3.5 Stars

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