Cake by Jove Belle

This is a short, good, very spicy and fun novella 

What was the book about?
Kelly Miller is a baker and when her brother asks her to bake his wedding cake, she can’t say no; no matter how rushed she thinks he and his girlfriend are going. At the wedding she meets Elana, a licensed psychologist and life coach, also a complicated woman with serious baggage and a very good reason not to be there at all, also the reason why they shouldn’t be together. But their chemistry is not one to be ignored and disregarding all the reasons why they should take separate ways, they defy everything and everyone. 

Featured Tropes
Not a romance…yet, lesbian sex, cake, steamy, a bit of erotica, mild family drama

Book Strengths
This book is part of the Bitterroot universeSince it is a novella it is fast-paced, the writing style fits perfectly the story and hooks you from the start. It has a good balance between being sweet (and not only because of the cake) and being very close on the erotic side, one thing is for sure, it is a very steamy short novella. The premise is very interesting and different from what we usually see in lesbian romance or a yet to be there romance, I don’t want to spoil the reason why they end up lusting after one another in Kelly’s brother wedding, but I can assure you it works and works very well. Is a sweet story with a little bit of drama and a lot, and I mean a lot of very hot sex scenes. The suggestion is to enjoy in private.

Book weaknesses
The ending is a bit abrupt; I think there should be an epilogue or at least a larger closing chapter. I don’t know if they will be in the next book of the bitterroot series but the ending leaves you wanting more of their story.

Character Chemistry
Talking about sizzling chemistry, there is a very good reason why the sex scenes are blazing hot; only given by that kind of chemistry. I like both characters, they are very lovable, and all the reasons why they found each other as well as the reasons why they shouldn’t be together, enhances the growing chemistry between Kelly and Elana. I liked that their connection goes beyond the undeniable attraction. Both characters are complex and that adds another kind of flavour to the story.

Heat Rating
 🔥  🔥  🔥  🔥 

Wrap up
If you are looking for a fun, sweet but at the same time very spicy novella, two very endearing characters with amazing attraction, plus love for cake; this is definitely the book for you.

Star Rating
⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️

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