Those Who Wait by Haley Cass

Rach: I’m still shocked this is a debut novel because it was phenomenal! 

Sarah: Let me begin but saying that if this is Haley Cass’ first novel, I can’t wait to read whatever she writes next!

What was the book about?
Sutton Spencer is just coming to terms with the fact that she is most probably, well definitely bisexual. Her best friend Regan signs her up to the dating site called SaphhicSpark to help her meet like-minded women.

Before Sutton gets a chance to quietly go through the list of potential women, Regan sends out a message to Charlotte. 

Charlotte Thompson is endeavouring to follow her grandmother, the first woman president, into politics. Her first stop is to get a seat in the House of Representatives. Even though Charlotte is out to her close friends and family, she makes sure that pleasure and politics don’t mix and one of the ways she does that is to engage in casual hookups on SapphicSpark. 

Sutton and Charlotte begin chatting on the dating app, and they realise they are looking for very different things; however, a natural friendship has started, and neither woman wants to lose that. When their lives become entangled further with Sutton being a member of a very influential political family that Charlotte needs on her side and their growing attraction and friendship… Is it a good idea to continue down this path? Or can they make a deal where their friendship and attraction benefits them both?

If only they can stay friends and not let something silly, like love, get in their way…

Featured Tropes
Coming out, romance, politics, friends to lovers

Book Strengths

So to give you all a bit of background. Sarah read this book first to review it. Once she finished it, she implored me to pick it up too and do a double review because she knew this would be something that I enjoyed. Sarah was wrong. I didn’t enjoy it because “enjoy” doesn’t cover how much I loved reading this book. Who are you, Haley Cass? And where have you been?

Rach: This book floored me. I loved the pace, and the fact the author didn’t shy away from long chapters to let you really feel and understand the characters. 

Sutton was one hundred per cent my favourite character, and I just enjoyed every scene from her POV. She was shy, unassuming and new to the world of dating women. Her honesty and vulnerability made me want to make her my best friend, and she shone from the moment I started the book until it ended. Charlotte, on the other hand, was my book crush. Who wouldn’t want a woman like assertive and courageous, Charlotte gently teaching you about women and sex with a woman? She oozed sex appeal and her “no time for romance” attitude (that Sutton abolishes) kind of made her hotter and made the journey and the angst so much better. 

As usual, the epilogue was AMAZING and my second favourite scene of the book. #swoon

I loved the secondary characters, especially Regan and Alia. I was actually thinking by the end of the book that Alia needed her own story. I mean come on… Alia is the sexy daughter of a wealthy app developer who created the SapphicSpark. I would be there with bells on for that book!

Sarah: I loved Sutton and Charlotte. Sutton is shy and comes across as unjaded by the world around her. Charlotte, on the other hand, is driven to succeed and believes that to get to the top political job in the country, she can’t allow love into her life. 

The text messaging in the novel is brilliant, and it gives another depth to the story. Minor characters such as Regan, Sutton’s mother Elizabeth, Charlotte’s grandmother and her brother Caleb are wonderfully written as well.

Charlotte was my favourite protagonist without a doubt. I loved the way she turned Sutton into a bumbling mess, or she was struck speechless by Charlotte sexiness or her prowess. 

Character Chemistry

Rach: Holy hotness batman! The chemistry between Sutton and Charlotte is beyond. You can sense it when they are texting, but when they are in the same room together, it emanates off the page. 

When they hit the sheets, I thought the book might alight as would the sheets if this was a real couple! Wow! A very very sexy book!

Sarah: The connection between Sutton and Charlotte is electric, and their lust, passion and sex are off the charts. You can feel the rollercoaster of emotions that they go through. They are brilliant together!

Heat Rating
🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥

Wrap up:

Rach: This is a must-read for readers who enjoy a sexy ‘friend-lovers’ trope. The book is fantastic, and I still can’t believe this is Haley Cass’ first novel because it’s fabulous. I’ll be watching very closely to see what comes next. 

Sarah: Do not pass this book by. Pick it up, download it, do whatever you need to do so you can read it. I guarantee you will thoroughly enjoy it. As soon as I can, I’m going to reread it. I honestly can’t wait to read what Haley Cass writes next. If it’s as good as this, it will be brilliant.

Star Rating
⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️

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