Fitting In by Amanda Radley


My new favourite Amanda Radley book! 

What was the book about?
Heather loves her job as the manager of a shopping centre in London. She’s hoping that the new take-over by investor and businessman, Leo Flynn is going to make the shopping centre even better. But Leo has a request. He wants Heather to give his daughter, Scarlett, a job. He doesn’t care what job that is, just whatever Heather thinks is best. 

Scarlett has always been known as difficult. By her family, non existent friends and colleagues. When her father sends her to his new investment project to work, she knows the routine well. She’ll go and get passed around until they are sick of her. But what she doesn’t expect is Heather Bailey.

Heather gets Scarlett like no one has before and she likes it. Heather sees something in Scarlett everyone seems to be missing. The more time they spend together, the closer they get. Could Scarlett and Heather have finally found their person? Has Scarlett finally found the person who just gets her? 

Featured Tropes
Age-Gap, Workplace Romance, Boss Employee 

Book Strengths
This book is a bloody triumph and so very heartwarming. This is the story we need during these hard times, and I encourage you to go grab a copy now.

This is a very slow burn, but by the end, you are going to know why it was essential to be written the way it was. Scarlett’s journey up until now hasn’t been the easiest, and she deserves love more than anyone I have ever read. She reminded me of a significant person in my life, and I think I bonded with the character from the very beginning because of that. 

Usually, when I cry at a book, it is because of the fantastic romantic story or because something sad has happened. Don’t get me wrong this is a very romantic story, but I think I cried knowing that this book is out there for so many people like Scarlett that believe love like that isn’t available to them. Goodness me, I’m teary now writing this review. 

I am really hoping this book is the start of a Radley series. A secondary character, Nico, was another reason this story was a win. Every LGBTQIA+ person should have a Nico in their life. And as Nico is so amazing, I think they need their own book. Please, Amanda? Pretty Please?

Amanda Radley has this keen ability, even though she fades to black, to leave you knowing that these characters will have off the charts chemistry in bed. In fact, this book never really alluded to much in the sense of sex, but I know in my little romantic heart that Heather and Scarlett will be amazing in all facets of their relationship. 

Wrap Up
If you’re looking for a book to tug at your heartstrings, then this book is for you. It really is worth your time.


Would you like to grab a copy?