Playing For Her Heart by Melissa Tereze

This book made me want to be a WAG for just one day!

What was the book about?
Sexy football player meets older woman… Well, count me in!

Dom Simmons has one passion, and that’s playing football. Women come and go, but football is everything to her. When she crashes her car into a luxury car, her heart sinks at the amount she is going to have to pay to fix this problem. 

But out walks the woman who is about to change her life. Blair Harrington is starting again. No longer under the same house as an abusive ex-husband, she can begin again. Her son is at University, and it’s time for her to take ownership of her life. 

Literally bumping into each other was not the plan. But what it did turn out to be was the most excellent luck either woman could ever hope for. 

But can they both get over the past to begin a future together?

Featured Tropes
Age-gap, romance, sport

Book Strengths
I actually loved this book. Do you know how you sometimes read the perfect book for you and you were meant to at the right time? Well, that’s what happened here. I was looking for something I could just fall into and ‘Playing for your Heart’ did just that. 

There were a few moments I shouted at Blair and Dom just to talk or at least communicate better, but as with many fictional characters, they didn’t listen… Wishful thinking?

But when these two got their act together, boy did they. From then on it turned into the love story I knew both Blair and Dom deserved. Sometimes you can’t help who you fall in love with, and these women deserve all the happiness they are destined for. 

I read that this is going to be a series and I couldn’t be happier. Honestly, I can’t wait to see what comes next. 

The amount of sexual tension in this book is fantastic. I truly felt uncomfortable for them both at times. Especially when Dom is trying to keep it chase. 

I really think Melissa Tereze could write a steamy erotica one day. She definitely has the sexy characters for it. 

Heating Rating
🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥

Wrap Up
If you’re looking for something, you can fall into and relax with thenthis books for you. I am looking forward to what’s next in this series.

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