One Golden Summer by Clare Lydon & T.B. Markinson

The perfect book for summer!

What was the book about?
Saffron has had enough of her fame and fortune. Honestly, she just wants to disappear for a while. So in an attempt to find some solitude the actress heads to the coast where she rents a house and plans to hang out with her recently divorced sister. What she wasn’t prepared for… Kirsty McBride.

Kirsty runs a wine shop in her sleepy little village by the water. Yeah, she’s not making millions, but she’s happy. Life takes an unexpected turn when movie superstar, Saffron Oliver steals into town. 

Both women aren’t looking for love, but with a strong attraction and a summer of new possibilities, anything could happen!

Book Strengths
This was the best book to just fall into and get sucked in. It’s the perfect summer romance, and I will definitely be cracking it out for a reread when we get our Australian summer. It hits heaps of my favourite tropes, but the best is age-gap romance. It made the story even more enjoyable.

I think one of the reasons I loved this book was because of Saffron’s trust issues and watching her let go gradually and trust not only Kirsty but the whole village. She was the character we watched have the most emotional growth and deal with her insurmountable trust issues. 

I really feel like Sandy Cove could be the perfect backdrop for a new series. Lydon and Markinson write exceptionally well together, and I think they could create a really fantastic series together. I know I’d love some more of the sleepy coastal village of Sandy Cove.

Secondary characters in this book are excellent, especially Saffron’s sister Ginger and Kirsty’s best friend, Helena. In fact, I have this weird idea in my head of Ginger finding her own female love. Even though she’s straight, I thought maybe more of a fall for the person, not the gender trope but oops the gender is female! I just want more Ginger really!

Kirsty and Saffron have chemistry in spades. Once they have gotten over their trust issues, it’s clear how much they can have together. The sex was very sexy and brought both characters closer together.

The non-sexual chemistry was also beautiful, and when Kirsty and Saffron showed their vulnerable sides, it just strengthened them. 

Heating Rating
🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥

Wrap Up
Wonderful book. I suggest grabbing a copy and heading to the beach for the day!