Good Enough to Eat by Jae and Alison Grey

This is a very funny and wonderful read about a vampire and a dinner like no other

What was the book about?
Robin is adamant to carry through with a different nourish habit. She doesn’t want to drink blood anymore, but that could be a hard thing to do since she is a vampire. In her search for help and alternatives to quench that thirst and what she believes is an addiction she needs to get over from, her huge craving for O negative; she goes to an AA meeting, a human one, where she meets Alana.  Alana has her own issues to deal with and the reason why she has been going to the meetings for a bit now, and apparently, for her sponsor she is the best option to be Robin’s sponsor now. The sparks that fly the moment they met are undeniable and strong, but there’s a sponsor’s rule and they can’t be romantically involved. Will they be strong enough to fight the attraction and reach the goal?

Featured Tropes
wlw, lesbian rom-com, paranormal, vampire, djinn, fantasy, age-gap

Book Strengths
I liked this story very much, is a fabulous collaboration between Alison Grey and Jae. It’s a very cute and fluffy romantic comedy. I had a great time and a lot of fun with this one. Even when it’s in general, a light and fun read it does have deep themes, being the main one: acceptance. It’s a very interesting and graceful way to talk about self-acceptance and family issues around this theme with that touch of refined humour. I believe can be considered as a coming-out allegory, since Robin isn’t accepted fully by her parents and she has trouble accepting who she is and wanting to be different from her family at the same time. Being a vampire and not wanting to drink blood, she has a challenge. Alana has her own demons to fight, her new self and dealing with the consequences of a decision made for love. Jae and Allison did a great job developing the story and the characters, as well as regarding profound issues in a light funny way. It is very enjoyable to witness Robin and Alana “dancing” around each other not wanting to give anything away thinking the other is human while looking for their own acceptance and fighting their battles.

Book weaknesses: should be longer, the end leaves you wanting more. There is a short funny story after, although isn’t precisely a sequel.

Character Chemistry
The characters are absolutely compelling. Two supernatural beings, well one of them former, human now but with still some tricks under her sleeve. Their chemistry is palpable from the beginning; I liked the way their relationship progressed. They’re a cute pair, but also there are some sex scenes that are very well written, tasteful and very very sexy.
Heat Rating

Wrap up
This book is a delight; it’s a fun and marvellous story to enjoy any day at any time

Star Rating:

⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️

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