Hopeless Romantic by Georgia Beers

Hopeless Romantic by Georgia Beers

Hopeless Romantic is the book I have been waiting for. It’s sexy, sassy and all about romance!

What was the book about?

Leah Scott wants all the good things for her little sister, Kelly. Which means she gets the best when it comes to whom she chooses for her Wedding Planner. Leah was just not expecting that said wedding planner, Teddi to be the most captivating woman that Leah has ever seen. 

Teddi loves her job as wedding planner extraordinaire and she’s damn good at it. When she meets the Scott sisters, she has an instant attraction to the non-bride-to-be. But is she ready for something more? Has her heart healed from being eviscerated by her ex-wife? What she does know is she can’t stop thinking about the beautiful Leah Scott. 

Featured Tropes: 

Happy Ever After, Femme-Femme, Enemies to lovers (kind of), Chemistry galore!

Book Strengths:

If Hallmark does not pick this book up for screen production, then they are just damn crazy! Talk about the perfect romance with a little bit of angsty torture that we all know Georgia Beers is fond of! Who doesn’t love a little torture in their romance novels? 

I loved this book from the moment I read the words chapter one. I connected with Leah so much throughout the story. She loves all my favourite movies and her favourite pastime is going to the movie theatre to watch rom-coms then eat cake afterwards. That’s my kind of human.

Teddi Baker is this beautiful, kind woman who had her world turned upside down by her ex-wife. If anyone deserves a woman like Leah Scott, it’s her. There was this moment that has stuck with me after reading the book; then it impacted me again after listening to the audiobook. Leah and Teddi almost fall into bed together but don’t. Leah gives this little speech after it, and I think I swooned so hard I nearly hit my head. Watch out for that moment because it’s one of the most romantic, heartfelt moments I’ve ever read. It’s a goddamn special moment and I kind of expected little heart to start floating out of the book. 

I think you all know now how I feel about Georgia Beers’ skilful writing of first kisses. Actually all kisses… She’s the Queen of writing the kissing moments. Leah and Teddi’s first kiss had my heart beating faster than normal. I have no idea if it was the count down to the kiss (yes, literally a countdown) that maximised the intensity or if it was Georgia Beers just sprinkling her magical kissing fairy dust… who knows! But it was amazing but funnily enough not the kiss itself but what it signified and more importantly for what was to come. Because when the second kiss happened, it knocked my socks off and from there the intensity of each kiss just got better, and the chemistry got more powerful between them. 

Lastly, no epilogue and I can’t believe I’m saying this but no epilogue needed. The happily ever after is baked in here and the story takes place over the period of a year, so you know by the end that these two are going to ride off into happiness together.


I read this first then listened to the audio. Lori Prince is  the narrator and did a great job at portraying both Teddi and Leah. Lori Prince has narrated a few of Georgia Beers’ novels now, and it seems like she’s a good fit and always get the characters the way I would see them in my head.

Character Chemistry:

Leah and Teddi have chemistry in spades, and it’s from the beginning. The build-up to them having sex is really intense and plays out beautifully. What I didn’t expect was how hot they would be together when they hit the sheets… wow! Leah and Teddi know how to light up the sheets. 

I think my favourite moments were when it was just them sitting on the couch and their intimate chemistry flowed. You could really feel the emotional connection between both characters. The eternal romantic in me loved that. 

Heat Rating: 4

Wrap up:

This book is officially one of my Georgia Beers favourites. It’s the kind of book that sucks you in and has you finishing it in one sitting. The swoon factor is high with this one, and I adored the happy ever after feels at the end. 

Star Rating: 5


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