Bet Against Me by Fiona Riley

This book is almost too sexy… almost! 

What was the book about?

Trina Lee is a relator gun. She knows the industry inside and out and she knows how to crack the whip on any sale to get it moving. What she isn’t prepared for is newbie Kendall Yates taking the Realtor of the Year award from under her nose.

Trina knows the Yates family and the length they go to in business so she presumes it’s nepotism at work. It has to be, right? But when Kendall and Trina are forced to work together and against each other in a standoff bet by their bosses, she see’s there is more to Kendall than meets the eye. It doesn’t help that Kendall is drop dead gorgeous and seems to be flirting with her at any and all opportunities. With everything on the line, Trina can’t stray from eyes on the prize no matter how beautiful her competitor is… Can she?

Featured Tropes: 

Enemies to lovers, Oh! The Sex!, Chemistry galore, New series

Book Strengths:

This book is quintessentially Fiona Riley with the characters having off the chart chemistry,  sizzling tension and sexy sassy dialogue. I knew it would be a winner when I listened to Fiona read a scene from it recently in a Author reading video. It screamed all the things I love about this author. It is 100% my new favourite Fiona Riley book.

There are so many things I want to tell you about this book but I think this book is best read without any spoilers so I am going to try and keep it to a minimum here… Actually you could probably stop reading here and scroll to the bottom and just buy the book because this book is nothing short of phenomenal. 

My favourite thing about this book is the flirtatious dialogue between Trina and Kendall. It was almost like a type of foreplay to the inevitable. 

I loved Trina and her sassy flirty banter. In fact they way she talked to Kendall in the beginning (and a times throughout) just ramped up her sex appeal honestly. She is the Queen of Take No Shit and it was so very sexy. But who best to stand up to someone like Trina than Kendall. She also doesn’t believe in holding back so together they are combustible. 

Secondary characters were amazing and I see why the author decided to make this into a series because it would be such a shame not to. She really used this book as a building block to the reader relationship for upcoming characters and their stories while still keeping this about Kendall and Trina. It was perfection.

If I could have my cake and eat it because as a reader why not… I’d have a fourth book for Jax. Jax was my favourite secondary character without a doubt and honestly Jax deserves to find their forever person too. And if anyone could pull that book off, it would be Fiona Riley. Fact!

Character Chemistry

This book was all about chemistry. I don’t know how Fiona Riley does this every time but she manages to keep it fresh and her novels oozed chemistry no matter the story. Kendall and Trina, even when at loggerheads, have this intense chemistry it freaking hot as F@*#! 

I reckon the build up to Kendall and Trina finally having sex was incredibly intense and creates a sexy tension for the reader. All I’ll say is the locker room had me almost falling off my sofa in lust… Watch out for the scene folks! Delicious!

But the sex… oh the sex! It doesn’t only straddle the line of erotic which Fiona Riley is know for but it’s so hot that i was worried my kindle would alight. Talk about being too hot to handle. 

As much as I loved the sex sexy moments, and I sincerly did, there was another element to this amazing connection I enjoyed just as much. Kendal and Trina had a vulnerability with one another after their first sexual connection. And that continued into moments of vulnerable chats or simple touches that just grew the romance factor for me. #swoon

Heat Rating

🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 

Wrap up

I cannot recommend this book enough. It should be number one on everyone’s must-read list for September. Fiona Riley is a phenomenal writer and her stories draw me in so much I get lost in them. So the fact this book in my opinion is her best should be enough for you all to dive in! Trust me. You can thank me later. Enjoy!

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