Vesting Period by Monica McCallan

What a awesome follow up to book one in the LadyLuck Start-up series!!


What was the book about?
Carter is one-third of the LadyLuck start-up trio and she is really passionate about the Lesbian dating app that she and her two friends developed. Avery (from book 1 in the series) takes it upon herself to set Carter up on the their app and encourages her to go on a date. But when she meets her date, Jamie things go from bad to worse. 

Jamie isn’t looking for anything long term. In her job, she spends her time jumping from city to city. Using the LadyLuck app helps her to find someone to spend her time with in each town and she isn’t shy about telling Carter. 

The only issue is that Jamie has now been stationed in a start-up hub where LadyLuck HQ is based. She will be working with another start-up, but she keeps bumping into Carter, and she can’t help but feel something building between them even if they are supposed to frenemies.

But the more time spent together, the more Carter and Jamie’s walls come down… But Jamie will leave San Francisco soon, so what is the point in falling for someone who will ultimately leave? 

Featured tropes
Enemy to lovers, Oh! The Chemistry

Book strengths
This is the second instalment for the LadyLuck Startup series. The first book, called Sweat Equity was the first novel I read by Monica McCallan, and it started me on my obsession with her books. So when I heard that Vesting Period was coming out, I was beyond excited, so I reread Sweat Equity first to get me ready for book two.

I thoroughly enjoyed Vesting Period. As someone who works for a start-up, these books are right up my street, and I find myself even more invested (get it? 😉) in this second book. 

I loved Carter in book one, so I was super excited to get her story. She is a powerhouse but also sweet and kind. Carter is such a fantastic friend, and I really would love to grab a coffee with her and talk all things tech and lesbians. She was definitely my favourite character in this book, but Jamie was my crush. #swoon

Who doesn’t love a woman who is turned by someone so amazing she can’t go back to her caddish ways. Carter well and truly spun Jamie’s world on her axis. Jamie’s life up until now made me want to hug her so hard. She really deserved a woman like Carter in her life. Hooray for happy endings.

We have Brennan Story up; next, I hope. I can’t wait for Monica to write it and I’ll be watching closely for the arrival of that book. 

Character chemistry
The chemistry in this book is a phenom, and it’s clear from the beginning that these two are going to have fantastic chemistry. Jamie and Carter create some amount of sexual tension when they are together; it was delicious. What I loved was the build-up. They started as enemies to friends to ‘I need to rip your clothes off’ friends. And let me tell you this is to date the sexiest book Monica McCallan has ever written. Oft it’s HOT!

Heat flame

🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥

Such a great book! I honestly loved it the first (and second) time I read it. I’d advise reading book one in the series first (because it was also awesome) before reading this book as you will get to know the other character much better. What better way to spend a weekend than reading not one Monica McCallan book but two. You know I’m right!!


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