What Happened in Vegas by Claire Highton-Stevenson

This book is a wild ride, just like Vegas

What was the book about?
Molly lands in Las Vegas for a much needed vacation from her coffee shop
and her ex. She meets Anna at the baggage claim, and again at the hotel, and
again when they get stuck in an elevator. After an interesting experience in
said elevator they get drunk, really, really drunk, and they end up married.
After a failed attempt to get an annulment, Anna disappears, and Molly
returns to her coffee shop. Four month pass and Anna shows up, but not for a
divorce. She wants to try to make the marriage work. Molly eventually relents
and they start dating. Of course, relationships are not without their road
blocks, and Molly and Anna must navigate their share.

Featured Tropes
Second Chance Romance

Book Strengths
I loved this book for so many reasons. First, the relationship between Molly and
Anna was so authentic. It was not forced at all. It was fun to watch them fall in love.
The angst was not overwhelming, and we got to catch up with Ali and Blair from The
Promise (if you haven’t read that one, grab a whole box of tissues and get started).
The writing was fantastic, and it was a just a really fun book.

Character Chemistry
Wow! This book was on fire. The chemistry between Molly and Anna was
electric from the beginning to the end. And the sex was so incredibly hot.

Heat Rating
🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 

Wrap up
I’ve yet to read a book by this author that wasn’t great, and this one is no


Would you like to grab a copy?

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