Wrong Number, Right Woman by Jae

This book is a big warm hug!

A sweet story about kindness, about acceptance of others and about finding the right person because we’ve found ourselves. 

What was the book about?
A single text message can change everything!  Flirting has never been Denny’s strong suit, but so what if she’s too shy to ask women out? She’s content with her simple life, working as a cashier and helping her sister raise her niece. But then she gets a wrong-number text message from a stranger named Eliza, asking her of all people for dating advice! Eliza is Denny’s total opposite: witty, outgoing—and straight. Despite their differences, the accidental text sparks an unlikely friendship. Soon, Eliza—self-proclaimed queen of disastrous first dates—would rather banter back and forth with Denny than to keep trying her luck at online dating. When they meet in person, there’s an instant connection. But what Eliza is feeling can’t be attraction, right? It doesn’t mean a thing that she’s starting to wish the guys she dates would be more like Denny. Or does it? Can the wrong number lead to the right woman after all?

Featured Tropes
Toaster oven, butch/femme, slow burn, low angst, body positivity

Book strengths

This book is really sweet. The characters are everyday people—grocery store worker, and pet store employee who is also an artist with a market stall. Real, everyday people, who sweetly, gently fall in love. The story is light and fluffy and generated a smile on my face a number of times. It felt plausible, and even the tiny bit of angst was real, similar to that we’d experience in our own lives. There are a lot of references to Denny’s body shape. A lot. And I wanted to be annoyed by that, but I couldn’t because Jae balanced it beautifully by not making that aspect the defining point of Denny’s character. The references are logical because they relate to how Denny views herself as a woman who has been conditioned by society’s expectations.

Jae ensures that Eliza experiences the same pressures, because we all know that it is every body type that feel this pressure. There are moments in the story where they both encounter further demonstrations of how society’s criteria for how women are ‘supposed’ to look, and it allows for forward movement in their relationship and character arcs. It also helps that Denny is an absolute sweetheart. She’d be a wonderful friend.


This book was just what I was looking for. I loved the body positivity. Both protagonists are not your supermodel types but real people for the real world. Denny was my favourite character. I mean, who doesn’t love a sensitive butch whose life revolves around family. She was amazing.

I also loved that Jae never wrote Eliza as someone realising she was gay. Eliza might/ or might not identify on the LGBTQIA+ spectrum, but that doesn’t mean she isn’t meant to fall for a woman. Her attraction is all wrapped up in falling for Denny, and not about being attracted to women. It was about the person, not the sexuality.

The secondary characters were fantastic in this novel. My favourite was Heather. I loved her so much, and I’m secretly hoping Jae writes a book about Heather and gives her the happy ending she deserves. Honestly, Heather was all kinds of fantastic. Who knows? Maybe Andy could help her find love?

Book weakness

The book is long. 116k. In a couple of spots the plot slowed down, and I found myself skipping sentences, which made me a little sad, because the story is such a sweet, light read. Becoming bogged down diminished its lovely fluffiness. I wanted fairy floss all the way, not the occasional bit to have to chew on. 

None from me! I was feeling all the feels. 

Character chemistry

It’s difficult to convey chemistry in a text message. So, early on, before Eliza and Denny meet and are still texting each other, there’s not a great deal of spark. Denny blushes a lot as she makes a series of hilarious errors on screen. Eliza asks for more dating advice. And their friendship grows. But then they meet and it’s lovely and swoon-worthy and I actually made that sigh ‘oh’ noise at really significant moments. 

The chemistry is excellent, and because it starts via text message, it takes a while to develop. You know from the beginning that Denny is attracted to Eliza, but it’s Eliza’s journey of attraction to Denny that causes the biggest spark. There are more than a few swoon-worthy moments, and the intensity of their connection is breathtaking.

Heat flame
🔥 🔥 🔥 


A gentle read that tucks you into its elbow and takes you a satisfying stroll through an adorable romance. 

An excellent book full of love and happiness. If you’re looking for a book to sweep you up in all the romance, this book is for you. You will be cheering for the characters from the first chapter.



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