Entangled by Melissa Brayden

Melissa Brayden sure knows how to start a new series with a bang.

What was the book about?

Joey Wilder lives and breathes her family’s vineyard in Oregon. When she suddenly becomes in charge of the winery, she wants to make her family proud while doing all the things she’s dreaming of changing. What she’s not prepared for is Becca Crawford.

Becca has just moved to Willamette Valley in Oregon. She is beyond excited about her new life in this small town and working as the manager of the Jade Hotel. The first thing she needs to do is manage the final touches to the hotel before opening night while trying to find a way to get the locals to warm to the new resort. It is going to be tough. 

The toughest cookie to crack as Joey Wilder. Becca wants her to like the hotel more than anyone else, and it has everything to do with the fact they have fantastic chemistry and that Joey is beyond attractive. 

Can these two find a way to get along enough to see where romance could go?

Featured tropes
Small town, new series, friendships, Oh! The Chemistry!

Book strengths
There is something about a new Melissa Brayden book series that just gets me all excited. I love that she revolves the whole series around a group of friends and this one is no different. Plus it’s set in a vineyard. What’s not to love?

The first book in any Melissa Brayden series is built around two things. Firstly, the reader is getting to know the friends that each story will be built around and their friendship dynamics and secondly, we’re getting our fundamental first love story. Honestly, I am here for the love and the flirty banter; the fact that it’s a series is just a wonderful extra. I’ll try and keep this brief because it would be so very easy to give heaps of spoilers in this incredible book.

Becca and Joey’s relationship (or build up to a relationship) has a few obstacles but what I adored was that even though they had things going on around them, there was no doubt that these two were meant for each other. Melissa Brayden is the Queen of Chemistry. The chemistry is undeniable between Becca and Joey. My heart just swells every time Becca and Joey got all adorable and flirty. I was swooning all over the place.

Secondary characters, Madison and Gabriella, are working on the Vineyard. Madison is Joey’s best friend, and Gabriella is the newest to the Vineyard as the chef for the latest and upcoming vineyard restaurant. FYI Madison and Gabriella used to date, but honestly, it just makes for excellent banter between the two of them.

Gabriella’s romance is up next in Two to Tangle, and I can’t tell you how excited I am about it. I have a feeling this series is going to be one of my favourites if the first book is anything to go by. 

I read this book first as an ebook, but I did a second read/listen to the audiobook before reviewing. Melissa Sternenberg is excellent at depicting Melissa characters (as she has in a few of Melissa’s books now). I thoroughly enjoyed the audiobook version, and my house was immaculate from the cleaning it undertook while listening. In fact, I celebrated finishing with a glass of red and listening to the second half of the book in the sunshine. Winning right?

Character chemistry
The chemistry is amazing from the get-go in this book. The fun and flirty banter between Joey and Becca is delicious. The banter leads to some hot kisses, which resulted in even more sizzling sex scenes. The nonsexual chemistry was also quintessentially Melissa Brayden in the moments of vulnerability, falling in love and building to the happy ever after. Swoon!

Heat flame
🔥 🔥 🔥 

I feel this book is best enjoyed with a glass of wine, cosy blanket, tissues and nibbles. Then you can just kick back and enjoy. I can’t wait for the next Tangled Valley Romance so I can fall further in love with this series and Willamette Valley.


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