Home by Kris Bryant

This book is the escape we are all looking for at the moment, and when I was finished, I felt like I had just been released from a warm hug.  

What was the book about?
Sheriff, Natalie is shocked when the first woman she ever kissed is standing in front of her. She never expected to see Sarah ever again after she left town right after their kiss. Turns out Natalie’s heart never really forgot Sarah or how she made her feel. Natalie doesn’t want to fall for Sarah again, especially if she’s only going to leave again.

Sarah is back in her small hometown with her young daughter, Harley in tow. Her failed marriage and her wife’s infidelities are enough of a kick for her to start looking for a new beginning for her and Harley. Just so happens that Sarah needs money, and so she’s come home to stay with her aunt and uncle while she recalibrates. Running into Natalie was never on her radar until Natalie is standing in front of her, and Sarah can’t think of anything else.

Between ghost dogs, old flames and new beginnings, Natalie and Sarah find out that some things are just meant to be. 

Featured Tropes
Small town, second chance and Oh! The chemistry!

Book strengths
I could sum this review up in one sentence—below. You can then decide to read the whole review or scroll to the bottom and automatically grab your ebook.

Short Version
Home is a fast-paced, low angst novel with fun and witty dialogue and excellent narrative and characters you are going to fall in love with.

Long version 
When I finished Home, I felt like I had been on holiday from the craziness that is our new normal and into a world full of hope and love. 

Natalie and Sarah’s connection was something romance movies are made of. I could imagine kicking back with a glass of wine on the sofa and watching it again and again. The idea of “Home is where the heart is” is baked into the whole story. When Sarah and Natalie bump into each other in town after years of not seeing each other, you can feel the sizzle between them still. 

As their romance progresses, it’s clear they have found their soulmate in each other and have the making of a beautiful family. Kris Bryant writes children in her books really well. As a mother, it makes me all kinds of happy. 

There is a subplot in this book which just adds to the swoon factor, especially for a major dog lover like me. ‘Ghost Dog’, later named Henry, is causing a stir in the town. Sheriff Natalie is trying to find the mystery dog that seems to disappear every time she is on the scene. Henry’s presence in the book just makes everything better and the love more grand. 

Home would be a great start to a holiday/season themed series. I keep seeing all these possibilities of what could come next. Even as a stand-alone, it’s just perfect. But a girl can’t help but want more Bryant… Am I right?

Character chemistry
This book is all about love and chemistry. Sarah and Natalie have chemistry in spades. It’s all the other life stuff that gets in the way (but no too much, don’t worry). I loved all the moments of alone time for Natalie and Sarah because the reader is very aware of the attraction and possibility of what could be in the future. Spoiler: the ‘what could be’ is a beautiful happy ever after. 

Heat flame
🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥

This book is the warm hug we all need amid the current global pandemic. Go grab it and escape the world for a few hours. Honestly, this is the book 2020 was waiting for.


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