Masquerade by Madeleine Taylor

Madeline Taylor just keeps knocking my socks off.

What was the book about?
When Ivy visits her friend in New Orleans, she doesn’t expect to get whisked away to an elaborate masquerade ball, thrown by the allusive Countess Montgomery.

She meets a seductive stranger at the ball and when she finally lets down her guard, she is led away for a night of passion and undeniable pleasure.

Can Ivy ever go back to normality after such an erotic adventure?

Featured Tropes
Erotica, oh! The sex!

Book Strengths
Honestly, Madeline Taylor is my new favourite erotica author. I crave her new works and get excited when Lise Gold starts to market them.

This book is my new favourite. I’ve thought a bit about how to review this book without giving away any spoilers because it’s the best read when you can sink in.

What I will say is that Madeline Taylor excels in writing a tangled web of romance, erotica and intrigue. With little to no angst and nothing but steaming chemistry, you are in for the ride of your life. It’s delicious and shouldn’t be missed.

Character Chemistry
The chemistry between both Ivy and the sexy stranger is so hot I was worried the bedsheets would alight. I wouldn’t read this outside of your house.

I must say that the build-up of romance in this book is also very powerful, and I probably loved it just as much as the erotic scenes.

Heat Rating

🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 

Wrap up
I’m intrigued and more than a little excited about where Madeline Taylor will venture next… As long as it’s as passionate as Masquerade, I’ll be first in line.


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