A Roll in the Hay by Lola Keeley

Beautiful story set in rural Scotland

What was the book about?
After a painful break up, Tess Robinson leaves London to go back to her home town in rural Scotland, where she’ll join as a partner in her best friend’s veterinary practice. Her return doesn’t look well when after turning on the wrong lane she finds herself dealing with the town ice-queen, Lady Susannah Karlson who apparently owns most of the town. As the tension rises between them the attractions does as well, even if they deny it to themselves. When Susannah finds herself in need of a vet for one of her beloved horses and Tess is the only one around, they are forced to get to know each other better. Will they be able to accept they might have misjudged the other and put their differences behind?

Featured Tropes 
f-f, slow-burn, enemies to lovers, ice queen, lesbian veterinarian, local landowner, Scottish village

Book Strengths: 
The book is absolutely delightful, there’s a lot of humour and a bit of mystery, a nasty antagonist, horses, interesting plot and supporting characters.
I enjoyed very much Susannah and Tess’s story; despite their rough start, we can see that undoubtedly they are made for each other. 
I always appreciate the authenticity of a book when has the “flavour” of the local language, and even when I had to look for a few words in the dictionary, it isn’t something to stop me from enjoying the book; on the contrary, I love to learn new things. Scotland is fascinating and after reading this book, is definitely a place I’d like to visit one day. The description of the places is as enticing as the story itself.

Book weaknesses
For my taste the indecision and antagonism between Tess and Susannah drags a little bit longer than necessary. Also, the end felt a bit rushed. It was enjoyable regardless.

Character Chemistry
Loved both characters, who doesn’t like a dedicated vet and a misunderstood lady (literally. I like when the ice queen is confronted by the other MC, always adds to that stimulating chemistry). I liked very much how Tess didn’t let Susannah get her usual way as she did with everyone in town, that fuelled the growing attraction between them.

Heat Rating
🔥 🔥

Wrap up
If you are looking for a sweet romance with lovely characters, stunning scenery and horses, this is definitely the book for you.



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