Last Resort by Angie Williams

What was the book about?
Just imagine that your family loves you and wants the best for you. In their possibly misguided way, they give you a holiday at a resort where lesbians are set up on 5 dates over the week in the hope that you will find your forever lover. So it is for Katie Fausch. She is determined to believe that there is no such thing as real love and after finding her ex-girlfriend in bed with her best friend, she might be right.

Rhys Morgan finds out that a resort has a week for lesbian and believes that this is her chance to find what her heart really desires. Rhys is a true romantic and when she meets Katie virtually on arrival at the resort, it is like cupid has drawn his bow and the arrow has hit the target. However, will the armour that Katie has built up around herself throw the arrow off its desired destination?

Featured Tropes
Romance, Friends to lovers, Butch -femme,Slow Burn and Oh! The Sex. 

Book Strengths
First off can I just say that the singles resort aptly named Last Resort sounds like the best kind of fun two woman could have. If this is a real place I need to find it ASAP. In this book Angie Williams creates a fun and flirty romance that ramps up the heat by the end. This is only her second book published with Bold Strokes Books and she’s definitely one to watch.

The two main characters are a delight. Each “date” set up throughout the novel is brilliant. Katie’s sister Elise and twin brother Andy give great depth to the back story. Rhys’ relationship with her younger sister is refreshing as well. Rhys’ suffering through each date, although it’s not real suffering is entertaining to “watch”. 

The build up to romance for Katie and Rhys is slow burn but it’s like one continuous foreplay and when they finally hit the sheets it very sexy. They also have incredible banter that is fun to read and made their romance even more plausible. 

Character Chemistry
Even though Katie is absolutely blind to the possibilities with Rhys at the beginning, the heat between these two is blazing. Each main character’s family are a delight.

Heat Rating
🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 

Wrap up
I thoroughly enjoy Angie Williams novels and this one is no exception. A feel good read and very entertaining, I am so excited to see what she writes next. 


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